How to become an IT recruiter?

High salaries, interesting projects for clients around the world… IT recruitment is an attractive career path for many HR experts. The road to becoming an IT recruiter doesn’t have to be difficult at all! If you are considering starting a career as an IT recruiter, be sure to read our guide. You’ll learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions, get valuable tips, and learn how to rebrand yourself as an IT recruiter in as little as 3 months.

Who is an IT recruiter?

IT Recruiter is looking for the best candidates for positions such as Frontend Developer, Java Developer, Fullstack (.Net + react) Developer, QA Automation Engineer or Solution Architect, iOS Developer, Android Developer. IT recruiters are required to have experience in HR issues (human resources – working with people), but also IT recruiter basic knowledge (e.g., programming languages, technologies used in projects). IT recruitment is not just a simple process of hiring new people for a company. This is the moment when real talents are discovered, who will sometimes become managers of large project groups in the future. The role of the IT recruiter is to find them (e.g. via sourcing or crowdstaffing ), interest in the offer and the best possible guidance through the entire recruitment process to onboarding.

Should a recruiter have worked in IT before?

As we mentioned earlier – an IT recruiter doesn’t have to program but should be familiar with technical concepts, industry specifics. It is important that he wants to deepen his knowledge in this area. The IT recruiter should be a partner in the conversation with the candidate, right from the first news interview, and also remember to feedback, send success messages to candidates and nurturing a good relationship. Are you a recruiter and want to try your hand at IT recruiting, but know how to get started? If so, we have a suggestion for you….

Structured knowledge in the field of IT recruitment, or IT Talent Master program!

We have prepared a program that will make you a professional IT recruiter! You no longer have to wonder how to become an it recruiter. With the support of our mentors, in just 3 months you will specialize in IT recruitment and join the ranks of top-earning recruiters. We’ll teach you to speak the language of programmers, introduce you to their work and show you what the implementation of projects looks like (and we’ll make sure that you also have the opportunity to participate in them!). The IT recruitment training courses are aimed at people who already have experience in HR (minimum one year). Those without at least one year of experience in recruitment processes are encouraged to sign up for our newsletter, for example, where we remind them about the program and the apply after they gaining some experience in HR.

OK, but what exactly awaits you on the IT recruitment training courses. Check it out for yourself:

  • 30 hours of high-value training developed by IT professionals, where the topics of the latest sourcing and recruitment techniques are discussed in detail,
  • Opportunity to share knowledge with a team of senior IT recruiters,
  • IT Talent Master Certification,
  • The opportunity to join our Talent Place community, where we bring together a broad community dedicated to the implementation of IT recruitment projects,
  • Opportunity to work independently on two projects and earn compensation for successes – all under the guidance of a professional Mentor!

The road to IT recruiter doesn’t have to be long! 3 months are enough!

To become an IT recruiter you only need 3 months. We will need your commitment for 10 hours a week. Our course is divided into three stages, each lasting one month:

  • BOY TRAINING – in it you will understand the role in IT (we will tell you who is a developer, junior, senior, etc.), learn how to create an ad that will attract the right candidate, learn the tools used in sourcing.
  • INTENSIFICATION – you will start working with sourcing tools, create messages to candidates, participate in the recruiter’s conversation with the candidate as a listener.
  • LAST SIZING – the time of your independent work. You will be contacting candidates yourself, interviewing them, and managing their data in the pipeline.

What do I need to be a recruiter and join the program ?

We have already mentioned all the requirements above, but let’s gather them again. We require from each participant:

  • Knowledge of English at a communicative level.
  • At least one year of experience in HR.
  • Availability for 3 months (10 hours per week).
  • Availability to complete a minimum of two projects per month.

Who will you meet during our IT recruitment training courses?

You will have the pleasure of meeting real experts in IT recruitment! The class will be led by our mentors who work in positions directly related to sourcing IT candidates. They will give you interesting tips on the recruitment process and tell you about their experiences in this area. Among the specialists mentioned you will find: Magdalena Szarek, Karolina Opaczynska, Emilia Gromulska, and Natalia Szubert, whose articles on IT recruitment you can read right now.

If you have questions for our recruiters before joining the program, feel free to ask them! We have prepared a dedicated link where you can make an individual appointment and learn more about the details. To schedule a coffee with a recruiter, click here.

We are pleased that we were able to help dozens of people improve their knowledge in sourcing job candidates. The effects of our training are visible almost immediately, which is attested to by those who have had the opportunity to work with us. If you like to rely on other people’s opinions and experiences, be sure to check out what our course participants have to say.

The 7th edition of the IT Talent Master program is starting soon! Upgrade your skills together with Talent Place and enjoy your work!

Anna Jaskowska

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