Work-life fit
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Work-life fit is about matching the professional and private spheres – so that they blend with each other.

It is a job with flexible hours, according to the needs of employees, open to various forms of employment and in any place: office, home, mountains, over lakes and even Spain!

What are the benefits of work-life fit?


Thanks to work-life, you gain more freedom and space to smoothly combine work and private life. The model is based on trust, and the emphasis is on the results of work, not on the time you have to "sit out" at work. The employee has an influence on when he works. He doesn't have to take a special day off or "get off work" to handle a minor private matter.

New opportunities

In work-life fit, you will find space to take care of family life, your development and health. At any time you can go on a workation and visit beautiful places without having to give up your job. With work-life fit, you have more freedom to choose where you work from, because remote work is a standard, not a privilege.


You work the way you want and when you are most effective. Do you work better in the morning? Or do the best ideas come to you in the evening? Work-life fit allows you to adapt your work to your lifestyle. It is important to work out a way to cooperate that is in line with the company's goals.


Work-life fit prevents professional burnout. Change of environment, flexibility, or making yourself an extended break is very helpful in keeping a proper distance from work. You have a say in how many responsibilities and tasks you take on at any given time

Why we believe in work-life fit

At Talent Place, we build an organizational culture that binds us together, and the tools we develop ensure efficient and transparent communication. Work does not limit our opportunities for development, education, parenting, travel, sports – life in general, it even encourages us to enjoy it.

We are creating our dream workplace and believe that more and more companies will move in a similar direction.


What work-life fit looks like
at Talent Place

In addition to flexible working hours and the ability to tailor the number and complexity of responsibilities to one’s needs, Work-life fit also includes the ability to work from an office, hybrid or remote – depending on one’s desire and ability.

As part of the Work-life fit, we also create special benefits, such as a company apartment in Alicante. Employees can go there for workation or vacation – alone or with their team or family. This allows for relaxation, a change of environment and climate, which is attractive especially in the autumn and winter.

Survey Report:
Current work model in companies vs. work system
Work-life fit

In 2022, we conducted a study focusing on current work models in companies and the Work-life fit model.

The report includes data on the possibility of working in the models: desktop, hybrid, remote in companies, data on how the flexibility of work in Polish companies or offered and
expected facilities for employees.

However, that’s not all. Read the report and be open to new

Debate about
workplace of the future

In June 2022, we conducted the following in Warsaw
The debate “The Workplace of the Future”, where we presented the results from the report “The current model of work in companies versus the Work-life fit system”. We had a discussion with representatives, entrepreneurs from several organizations about what they think the workplace of the future will look like, what, according to their observations, employees want, what we are striving for. Is there room for work-life balance and work-life fit, and how much has the pandemic changed all this.

Work-life fit Tour

In September 2022, we drove across Poland in two RVs and visited: Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice, Rzeszow and Krakow.

We organized meetings with HR representatives in these places and talked about phenomena such as job burnout and quiet quitting, so we could contribute to raising awareness in the relevance of these topics. We also discussed solutions that companies can implement to support employee health and well-being.

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