Recruitment for Sales and Marketing functions

Any company that wants to reach new markets and customers faces the challenge of scaling its marketing and sales teams with people who will enable it to achieve its ambitious goals.

Thanks to the referral system and talent pooling, we reach the right candidates in a short period of time enabling the company’s growth in sales and marketing.

Talent Place’s recruitment experts specialize inshortlisting and engaging candidates with the right skills for the job, allowing you to save the time you would spend meeting people who are not a good fit for your company.

How to find the right person,
that will improve marketing and sales results?

We are well experienced in the marketing and sales industry. We know how crucial it is to match candidates with the industry, services or products they will be dealing with.

That’s why our dedicated team of recruiters is constantly working on growing our candidate base and maintaining relationships with them, so your company doesn’t have to waste time and money on lengthy searches and misguided applications.

In case there is a need to quickly expand the team on the client’s side, we also offer a team of recruiters temporarilys with a ready database of candidates from the marketing and sales areas.

Crowdstaffing supported by talent pooling and active referral systems make our community able to provide a set of candidate recommendations even within 7 days of the start of cooperation!

Cooperation with Talent Place is:

High efficiency

We have one of the highest success rates of ongoing projects in the industry. As of July 2022 83% of the recruitment processes we conduct ended in employment on the clients’ side.

Partnership cooperation

We focus on a transparent process and take care of communication with clients at every stage of the activities. Before signing a contract, we prepare a feasibility study of recruitment for commissioned positions.

Exclusive candidates

We never recommend the same candidate in parallel with other processes. You are guaranteed that we focus on the maximum success of your project.

Time saving

We use our own candidate databases and the referral network of our community of recruiters first, so we are able to provide candidate recommendations as early as the first week of cooperation.

A proven recruitment process

Our operations are based on crowdstaffing, talent pooling and standards developed over the years. We effectively reachcandidates who are passive on the labor market. We focus on a high level of candidate experience.

Matching candidates

For each process, we look for and recommend 3 candidates who meet the client’s requirements and fit their company culture. This guarantees low rotation and long-term cooperation.

What kind of candidates will we help you hire?

By choosing to work with Talent Place, you gain access to the experience and candidate databases of more than 200 HR experts. Our recruiters are distinguished by proficiency in modern recruitment methods and a partnership approach to working with clients. We can help you recruit specialists in the areas of:


Head of Sales, Country Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Key Account Manager, Key Area Manager, Account Manager, Sales Team Lead, Sales Specialist, Sales Support Specialist, Sales Representative, Sales Analyst, Customer Advisor / Telephone Salesperson


Head of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Performance Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Specialist, Performance Marketing Specialist, Digital Media Buyer, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Manager, Content Specialist, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, UI/UX Designer


PR Manager, Senior PR Specialist, PR, Specialist, Junior PR Specialist, PR Consultant, PR Executive, Communication Specialist.

Successful recruitment in the RES industry:
40 salespersons in 3 months

“Cooperation with Talent Place exceeded our expectations. Not only have we been able to achieve our goal, but the whole process has been extremely smooth.” says Piotr Ostaszewski, CEO of Respect Energy S.A. “We appreciated, above all, Talent Place’s comprehensive support – the actions of a dedicated account manager and the ability to use the ATS system made it easy for us to process candidates. Appointments were made overnight, and the quality of recommendations was continuously reviewed to meet our expectations. I would recommend working with Talent Place to any company that is planning rapid growth.” he adds.

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