Sick on B2B – learn the facts and myths

Are you facing the choice of contract employment or B2B contracts and don’t know what to choose? Are you concerned about health issues? In both cases, the rules are radically different.

Talent Pooling App – How to get a bonus?

Talent Pooling App is your personal ATS throughout your career and the opportunity to earn money by recommending candidates for external projects. Are you a Recruiter? Do you have your own candidate base? Take advantage of its potential! Earn a referral bonus!

Talent Pooling App – What is it? How does it work?

Talent Pooling App is a connection between recruiters, candidates and employers based on the use of AI and Machine Learning. The tool allows recruiters to work individually on their private candidate base and increase their efficiency and chances of generating revenue from their relationships.

Talent Pooling App – recommend candidates and earn

Have you heard of the Talent Pooling App? If not, be sure to check out the new product from Everuptive Group, created on the basis of experience and cooperation with the Talent Place team. Earn money by recommending candidates for external projects. Build your network of contacts consciously, maintain relationships with it and use its resources throughout your career. Stay up to date in the world of HR and automate your work! Check out the Talent Pooling App benefits.

AI for recruiting – How artificial intelligence can help recruiters?

The world of work is changing dynamically, and modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, play a key role in recruitment processes. Thanks to the use of AI, recruiters have a chance to revolutionize their work, increasing efficiency, precision and quality of employment, if they use the tools of modern technology appropriately. In the article I described the benefits of using artificial intelligence in the HR industry.

Which HR roles will be replaced by AI?

As artificial intelligence increasingly enters our daily lives, we are beginning to wonder what potential dangers it may pose. Despite the many pluses that AI brings, we must also realize the negative consequences such as: elimination of positions, loss of jobs, forced reorganization….

The best recruitment ads in the IT industry

An effectively written job offer guarantees the closing of a recruitment in a very fast time – even in a week. Thanks to the information provided, the Candidate can determine whether the offer is suitable for him. A complete job advertisement saves Recruiters’ time in searching for talent and increases the chance of a better employee match. Find out how to write effective recruitment ads in the IT industry and attract the best employees?

Career change at the age of late 30s

Have you ever thought: „I am useless, I can do nothing else, I have just a few skills”? I have thought. It was the moment when I decided that I had to change my career. Let me tell you my story about changing my life. The career path from teacher to recruiter is an example of rebranding, depending only on willingness.

Custom IT sourcing methods

You are given a new IT recruitment project that you suspect will not be easy to handle. You prepare a candidate persona to then develop a sourcing plan. The first thought is headed to LinkedIn and placing an ad on various portals. The customer cares about time. Wondering which sourcing method you should use and where you should find the right employee?

How to set professional goals and achieve them? I want to be effective

Setting and achieving goals are key elements in the pursuit of success both in life and at work. If you don’t have clear priorities, it will be all the more difficult to motivate yourself to take action. Without working out ways to achieve goals – it’s hard to achieve them successively in the long run. Read the post and learn the secrets of effective career goal setting.