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It happens that an interesting candidacy comes into your hands from the outside. However, we are well aware that such situations are rare, and in the case of the IT industry, where we are dealing with passive candidates, virtually never. Then it is worth betting on active search for candidates, or sourcing. The sourcer should be open to different ways of finding people for the position. To find the best candidate, you have to go off the beaten path. Even the craziest methods can be effective, as long as you match them to a specific process. How to break out of the pattern and where to look for candidates? What are the different ways of sourcing candidates? Here we go!

Sourcing candidates – how to prepare?

Before you start actively seeking candidates, you need to prepare a sourcing strategy. Start with market discernment: will the position be easy to fill, or do you expect difficulties? What are the requirements for candidates? Get as much information as possible about the needs of the position. The next step is the Candidate Persona. Try to be as specific as possible about who you need. The more information you gather, the easier it will be to conduct HR sourcing.

LinkedIn isn’t everything

The first place a sourcer goes during a search? LinkedIn, of course. It’s true that this portal remains one of the most popular sources for sourcing candidates. But not the only one. What’s more, there are recruitment processes where this platform will not work. If you’re looking for candidates for lower-level positions, such as in manufacturing, the chances of finding a welder or warehouseman on LinkedIn are pretty slim, right? In this case, Facebook, for example, will perform much better.

Direct Message on Facebook

Facebook provides access to a candidate base four times larger than on LinkedIn. That’s not the end of the advantages – this is not a tool created with recruitment in mind, so there is much less competition among recruiters here as well. Install a free extension for Google Chrome called Intelligence Search. This recruitment support tool has a variety of search options so you can precisely target the best candidates. Then, using Direct Message, present the offer. This channel works especially well for lower and mid-level positions.

Trade fairs

Industry trade shows are a good way to sourcing candidates in IT or for technical positions. IT candidates learn about new technologies and upgrades, while technical staff look at building materials and test their applicability. Representatives of both groups in may then get an offer to talk about a new job. It’s also a good idea to visit industry-specific websites and forums, such as Behance, Github, Stack Overflow and Reddit.

Review portals, such as. Like to read

Portal for sharing book reviews useful in candidate search? By all means! This is a source of interesting data that can be used in recruitment. Of course, this is not about getting authors to review sci-fi or adventure books. Take a look at the industry literature. Are you looking for a marketer? See who reviewed books in this area. With such a large user base, there are bound to be people who are currently considering a job change.

Profile classes in secondary schools

And also post-secondary schools, courses, workshops. A very good source of eager to gain experience for people who are at the beginning of their career path or who want to retool. These types of sites will be especially helpful when looking for candidates for junior positions, especially in the trade and service industries.

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Leafleting: bus stops, buses and… churches.

Posting job ads need not be limited to job portals. Employment proposal presented in church? Why not! If you have the opportunity for a similar collaboration with a local priest, take it. You can ask them to insert the announcement on the parish website, hang it on the board at the church, or even ask if the priest can pass on the job information during the announcements.


Podcast? Advertising? A playlist whose song titles form a message to the candidate? You are only limited by your imagination. You can use the Spotify platform in sourcing and generate interest in candidates. Recruiting millenials and Generation Z can be particularly effective with this tool.


Why use Slack in sourcing of candidates? With the help of defined channels, you will effectively reach candidates, especially in the IT industry. It is a rather time-consuming method, but as effective as possible. A plus additionally will be the fact that you can send messages without limit and for free. In addition to sourcing itself, Slack can serve as a resource and a place to insert announcements.

Going outside the box isn’t just reserved for Creative Managers – this approach is also useful in recruitment. Unusual sources of sourcing in recruitment are certainly something to open your mind to. Diversify your search sources, and sourcing qualified candidates will become more efficient because of it. Also learn about the forms of cooperation with Talent Place!

Do you have any ideas on where else to actively seek candidates? Share!

Piotr Pawłowski

Sourcing of candidates

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