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We believe that the best candidates come from recommendations. That is why we have created a unique crowdstaffing recruitment model on the market that is powered by an international community of HR experts. Our process allows us to source matching candidates faster than agencies operating under traditional models.

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Recruitment Agency Talent Place - Professional Recruiters Community

Talent Place began in 2016 as a response to the need for employees in the BPO/SSC industry. Internal HR resources were inadequate and traditional recruitment methods used by recruitment agencies were failing. The first project we did involved recruiting candidates with German language skills. We then hired “ambassadors” who promoted the job offer at universities. The next step was to modify the process to be 100% remote. That’s how we started working with remote recruiters, and Talent Place launched crowdstaffing. It quickly became the most effective recruitment method on the market. We currently employ over 200 professional recruiters who work remotely and recruit internationally and our community continues to grow.

Talent Place is part of Everuptive Group, a provider of effective business solutions based on the potential of the Internet and modern technologies. It also includes Skillveo – a training and onboarding platform for companies and Notatek.pl – an educational platform for students.

mission and values

Talent Place's mission is to pave a path for change in the labor market towards quality, modernity and flexibility. For this purpose, we implement business models to support partnership building, innovative and effective methods for sourcing candidates and create the workplace of the future using our own example.


We operate with above average quality to always exceed the expectations of our customers. We entrust tasks to experts in their fields and constantly improve our processes.


We have the courage to create new solutions, promote groundbreaking and unconventional recruitment methods and go beyond the ordinary. The fact that an individual can create reality is an inspiration to us.


We work as a team based on direct and honest communication. We believe that cooperation, knowledge exchange and mutual trust allow us to achieve the best results.


We are active and show initiative. We know that by engaging in projects and developing our own competencies we work together for growth.

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Przemek Kadula



Rafał Chmura

Head of Growth

Piotr Pawłowski

Chief Operating Officer 


Katarzyna Czamara

Business Development

HR & Community

Aleksandra Kupiec

HR Manager


Magdalena Kolasa

Office Manager

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Talent Place is part of Everuptive Group, a provider of effective business solutions based on the potential of the Internet and modern technologies.

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