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We bring together recruitment professionals from a variety of industries by engaging them in recruitment projects for top employers. By working with us, you can use your knowledge, grow in new areas and benefit from the experience of a community of over 200 people.

Talent Place is a unique network made up of individual units.

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What do you need to know
about the Talent Place community?

Our Community is a place where individuality and the strenght of a community come together. We value our HR experts because we know that, thanks to their commitment, we can achieve our goals. We believe that collaboration, exchange of knowledge and mutual trust allow us to achieve the best results. At the same time, we understand that a stronger individual makes a stronger Community.

We care about relationships

Although we work 100% remotely from different locations, we nurture our relationships. We meet online and beyond.

We share knowledge

Our experts are eager to participate in regular Knowledge Sharing sessions. We also have an internal training platform and dedicated learning and development channels on messaging platforms.

We help each other

Every recruiter knows that they can always count on the support of the Community and its expertise.

We grow

By joining the Community recruiters receive mentoring, support and motivating development paths.

Recruit flexibly for top employers
in the market

Talent Place is a flexible collaboration model for recruiters and HR experts. You decide how many hours you devote to us and we make sure that it is filled with interesting recruitment projects and attractive remuneration opportunities.

Work in a work-life fit model

We create a modern organizational culture based on trust and partnership. We enable our employees to organize their work in a way that allows them to advance their careers while still having time for personal passions, relaxation and family.

Benefits of working with Talent Place

Remote work

Perform duties from anywhere in the world. Our teams, systems and tools have been designed around our remote work philosophy.


We exchange knowledge and learn because we want our community to be made up of the best people in the market.

Top clients

Recruit for the best companies on the european and international market.


Adjust the number and complexity of projects to your current capabilities. Have time for yourself and your loved ones.


Work on projects across a variety of industries, primarily including IT, BPO/SSC, Engineering, Marketing and Sales.


We celebrate successes together and provide constructive feedback on every project.

Choose the best form of collaboration for you

You may choose to pursue one of four career paths depending on your experience and availability.

Freelancer Recruiter

Choose projects that interest you and complete them at a time and place convenient to you.

RPO recruiter

Support the HR activities of companies around the world in a single full-time position.

RPO & Freelance

Get hired as a ½ time RPO recruiter and have the flexibility to work on additional projects.


Improve your skills in IT recruitment under the guidance of the best experts in the market.

How can you
grow in Talent Place

Manage a team (up to 3 people) and develop leadership skills as Lead Recruiter.

Design and deliver training in the IT Talent Master program as a Mentor to IT Junior Recruiters.

Manage a team (3+ people) and develop a relationship with a specific client as Client Success Manager.

Get involved in additional Talent Place projects – run Community Knowledge Sharing events, participate in webinars, create e-books, market reports and share your knowledge on the blog.

Support our Sales department within the Talent Place Sales Lead Program.

Become a Talent Expert, who analyzes the market and prepares project feasibility studies.

Meet people from our Community

Karolina Opaczyńska

IT Business Unit

Magdalena Szarek

International Business Unit

Jowita Drabko

Engineering Business Unit

Aneta Parciak

Senior Business
Development Manager

Emilia Gromulska

Client Success Manager,
IT Recruiter

Natalia Szubert

IT RPO Recruiter

How to join our Community



Let us know you’d like to join by submitting your resume.



We make sure that people in our Community really fit in.



In order for you to operate efficiently and effectively we have prepared a remote onboarding program that will allow you to get to know us quickly.



The Community team responsible for the recruiters includes you in the projects you’ve selected.

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