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Engineering companies are looking for experienced experts as recruitment partners, where excellent knowledge of the specific role being recruited and access to the right talent pool of candidates counts. The Talent Place team’s recruiters who cover this area have relevant experience and knowledge of the industry, as well as an extensive candidate pool. Through crowdstaffing and the talent pooling method, we reach the right number of candidates interested in working for our clients in a short period of time, even for highly specialized and niche roles in the market.

Is it worth outsourcing engineering recruitment?

If your company is struggling to find the right engineering candidate, it’s worth turning to Talent Place. As part of our process, we prepare a feasibility study free of charge, which will allow you to answer the question of how large is the talent pool of candidates matching the requirements and what is expected of the candidates in the selected position. Our team of recruiters is in constant contact with the market thanks to a conscious and consistent expansion of our candidate bases. In case of the need to quickly expand the team on the client’s side, when the number of processes exceeds the capacity, we have the possibility to hire our recruiter for temporary cooperation.

Cooperation with Talent Place is:

High efficiency

We have one of the highest success rates of ongoing projects in the industry. As of July 2022 83% of the recruitment processes we conduct ended in employment on the clients’ side.

Time saving

We primarily use our own candidate databases and the referral network of our recruiter community, so we are able to provide candidate recommendations as early as the first week of cooperation.

Partnership cooperation

We focus on a transparent process and take care to communicate with customers at every stage of the activities carried out. Before signing a contract, we prepare a feasibility study of recruiting for commissioned positions.

A proven recruitment process

We operate based on crowdstaffing, talent pooling and standards developed over the years. We reach out effectively to candidates who are passive in the labor market. We focus on a high level of candidate experience.

Exclusive candidates

We never recommend the same candidate in parallel with other processes. You are guaranteed that we focus on the maximum success of your project.

Matching candidates

For each process, we look for and recommend 3 candidates who meet the client’s requirements and fit their company culture. This guarantees low turnover and long-term cooperation.

What candidates will we help you hire?

By choosing to work with Talent Place, you gain access to the unique knowledge and recruitment methods of more than 200 HR experts. With excellent knowledge of the industry, we offer a partnership approach to cooperation. We support in the recruitment of specialists in the areas:

Production, quality management

Production Engineer, Process Engineer, PLC Programmer Technologist, CNC Programmer, Quality Engineer, Constructor/Designer, Project Engineer, R&D Engineer, Production Director, Operations Director, Project Manager, Technology Manager, Innovation and Sensoric Engineer

Maintenance, supply chain, service

Maintenance Engineer, Automation Technician, Service Engineer, Maintenance Manager/Specialist. Quality Manager, Quality Manager. Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Manager / Specialist. Maintenance, Packaging Engineer, Air / Sea / Road Freight Forwarder, Operations Manager, Contract Manager, Distribution Center Manager, Warehouse Manager

Renewable Energy Sources

Environmental Engineer, Wind Energy Technician, Renewable Energy Installer, Renewable Energy Equipment Service Technician, Wind Turbine Electro-Mechanical Technician, Photovoltaic Farm Service Technician/Engineer, Technical Coordinator for Renewable Energy. Heat pumps and solar panels, Designer of renewable energy installations (photovoltaic installations, heat pumps), Coordinator of renewable energy. RES project development, RES project specialist. Heat Pumps and Photovoltaics, Specialist in the field. automation in the heat pump industry

How a universal bank began attracting up to 250 candidates per month.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Talent Place for over two years. The crowdstaffing model they use allows us to maintain continuity of employment and build contact center structures and this translates into meeting the bank’s business objectives. I can always count on them to be professional and even go above and beyond to meet our needs. I really appreciate the flexibility I can count on in this collaboration. Candidates selected by Talent Place always match the profile we are looking for. Invariably, for the past several years, Talent Place has fully fulfilled its contracts.” Marta Kosowicka, HRBP, Credit Agricole.

How our customers evaluate us?

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