Project model

A dedicated recruiter or team of recruiters with industry experience and an active candidate database will provide 3 recommendations for each contracted position.

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Our way of doing business is based on crowdstaffing – recruitment by remote community. We have over 200 recruiters on board working remotely across Poland and Europe with extensive experience in recruiting in a wide range of industries.

Our work is based on the premise that the best candidate comes from recommendations. That’s why our recruiters exchange candidates internally to best match them with employers.

We believe recruitment should be priced  fairly and provide real value. We care about a simple and transparent model. We are flexible and take an individual approach to each company. Before starting cooperation we prepare a feasibility study that determines the chance of success of the project.

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we send 3 recommendations per position. We screen applications for you


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95% of our recommendations result in employment

How do we work?

The project model is designed to provide a guarantee of success for even the most complex recruitment. Each stage is customized to the client’s needs.

Feasibility study

Evaluation of project feasibility in collaboration with Talent Place and identification of potential difficulties and possible solutions.

Decision on cooperation

Signing a framework agreement, establishing a timeline for collaboration and discussing the criteria for recommending candidates that the client considers to be qualitative and in line with their expectations.

Creating a team

We assign from a few to a dozen recruiters best suited to the task as needed.

Project brief

Defining the principles of collaboration and customer needs and gathering detailed data points for establishing a sourcing plan.

Recruitment process

We act! We search for and recommend the best candidates that match the customer expectations. We care about the candidate experience which is why we are actively in touch with the candidate until their first day with the new employer.

See how we helped a client without an HR team to hire 40 new salespeople in 3 months.

Working with Talent Place has exceeded our expectations. Not only did we meet our goal, but the entire process went extremely smoothly – said Piotr Ostaszewski, CEO Respect Energy S.A. Above all, we appreciated Talent Place’s comprehensive support – the actions of a dedicated account manager and the ability to use the ATS system made it easier for us to process candidates. Appointments were made day by day and the quality of the recommendations were reviewed on an ongoing basis to meet our expectations. I would recommend working with Talent Place to any company that is planning for exponential growth.

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Talent Place was ranked as the top service provider in the world in 2020, 2021 and 2022 by the U.S. website Clutch and #2 in the world in IT recruiting by The Manifest.

The results were based on customer feedback, services offered, quality of work and market presence.

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