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Where to open an IT hub in Poland

Poland is an ideal place to invest, as it lies in the centre of Europe. In Poland, the IT sector employs around 450,000 people and more than 50,000 IT companies contribute 8% of the country’s GDP. We researched which city is best to open your IT Hub in.

Where to open a GBS/BPO/SSC in Poland

There are more than 400,000 professionals working in the Polish business services industry. Poland confirms that it is a top location when it comes to the launch of GBS/SSC/BPO by multinational corporations. We compared the largest cities in terms of investment.

Talent Pool report - AI roles

By 2026, spending on AI systems is expected to exceed a staggering $300 billion. We checked the data for 4 roles related to artificial intelligence development: Python Developer, AI Engineer, ML Engineer, ML Ops Engineer on the Polish job market.

Work-life fit report

The current labour market has become intensely demanding and retaining employees within a company is becoming increasingly difficult. We examined the current work systems in Polish organisations and the approach to the work-life fit model from employers and employees.

Talent Pooling report

Modern recruitment requires an agile approach and an openness to new methods of sourcing the best candidates. We investigated which sources and methods HR experts in Poland use most frequently and how often they tap into their candidate pool.

Talent Pool report - IT talents in Europe

With more than 6 million developers, Europe is in a strong position as a global technology player. With a record $100bn of invested capital in 2021, Europe has created 98 new unicorns and the strongest startup pool in history, now rivaling the US.

Where to open Call Center in Poland?

Over the last few years, Poland has become a center for many outsourcing companies and customer service centers, which has contributed to the development of experience and know-how in this area. Poland currently has 2,047 call centers locations.

Talent Pool React Native Developer

In the last decade, there has been a real boom in mobile applications around the world. According to the State-of-mobile-2022 report, 435,000 applications are downloaded worldwide every minute. React Native is one of the most popular JS frameworks in terms of employment dynamics and increase in salary amounts.

Talent Pool in Kraków

Kraków is considered one of the friendliest when it comes to development. You will find attractive land, a rich real estate market, a developed business services sector, and scientific and research facilities here. The number of new companies is growing every year. In 2022, 168.2 thousand national economy entities were registered in the REGON register. This represents a 5.1% year-on-year increase, and the number of companies with foreign capital reached close to 6,500.

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