IT Contracting

Expand your IT team with experienced individuals with the necessary skills to get the job done. Try IT Contracting – a flexible and quality solution that will help you complete your projects on time.

Hire an IT specialist
with Talent Place

Team up with IT experts with the skills your business needs. Talent Place, as part of the service, will provide the best specialists for a selected period of time for a specific project in your company.

Even if we don’t currently have the right person in our resources, thanks to our community of over 200 recruiters and talent pooling method, we are ready to recruit the right candidate in a short period of time. We operate on referrals, so we provide the best employees with proven technical skills that fully meet your needs.

The IT Contracting service gives you the opportunity to start a project quickly. The flexibility of the solution allows you to select the competencies you need at different stages of the project without need to permanently hire some extra teams. Our contact base and referral program ensure that projects start on time, even for the most demanding roles.

Collaborate and make a decision
of permanent employment

IT Contracting is also an opportunity to find the perfect employee for the long term, thanks to the Try&Hire optional service. If, while working with a hired expert on a particular project, you are satisfied with his performance and want to keep him for the long term, you may decide to permanently hire the chosen specialist.

Benefits in the IT Contracting model

Cost optimization

Cost optimization is based on expanding the team only for the duration of the demand for a given technology, and thus it involves the absence of costs associated with permanent employment.

Saving Time

We offer specialists in a short period of time. Our community of more than 200 recruiters guarantees access to a broad base of candidates with different competencies.


The possibility of selecting people with specific competencies only for a selected period of time or project. Also an option of temporary cooperation and then hiring an expert in the Try&Hire model.


Thanks to the talent pooling method – the constant development of an active database of candidates and a network of contacts – we deliver perfectly matched candidates by recommendation in a short period of time.

When to use IT Contracting?

  • This is an ideal solution if your company needs flexible cooperation with IT specialists and you want immediate solutions. The outsourcing model from Talent Place provides matched experts with the required technical competencies without the need for a permanent employee.

  • IT Contracting will be perfect for projects that are divided into phases, requiring specialists with different competencies who can be added during the lifetime of the project.

  • Experts are selected according to the client’s expectations and the required technology. If new technological challenges arise during the project, we can swap or hire additional contractors as required.


How do we work?

The IT Contracting service is designed to provide a guarantee of success in the implementation of even the most complex IT projects in your company. Each stage is individually tailored to the client’s needs.

Feasibility study

Evaluation of the project’s feasibility in cooperation with Talent Place based on the client’s needs and expectations, as well as identification of potential difficulties and possible solutions.

Decision on cooperation

Signing a framework agreement, establishing a schedule for cooperation and discussing the criteria for recommending candidates that the client considers qualitative and in line with his expectations.

Search for specialists

We will begin the search for IT experts through a referral program and access to the contact database of our community of over 200 recruiters.

Selection of specialists

We will provide recommendations of candidates for each position that meet expectations and project requirements. Once the client has selected an expert, he can begin cooperation without any unnecessary formalities.

Recruitment process

A dedicated Manager oversees the project implementation process. He is in constant contact with the client and the specialist to check and respond to project needs on an ongoing basis.

What are the options for collaboration?

Depending on your recruitment needs you can take advantage of various forms of cooperation with Talent Place. Explore the available solutions and choose the one that works best for your project.

IT Contracting

hiring specialists for a specific period of time and responsibilities

Try & Hire

Try out candidates with the possibility of hiring them later

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Talent Place was ranked the #1 recruiting service provider in the world in 2020 and 2021 by the U.S. website Clutch and #2 in the world in IT recruiting by The Manifest.

The results were based on customer feedback, services offered, quality of work and market presence.

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