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Our service Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is dedicated to rapidly scaling companies that want to effectively strengthen their teams and attract quality employees.

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An experienced end-to-end recruiter or team of recruiters will not only significantly speed up the acquisition process but will also avoid unnecessary costs associated with candidate mismatches to the organization.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a subscription-based solution that allows for cost optimization and greater flexibility through a long-term relationship.

RPO model benefits for your business

Support to internal team

Your team gains comprehensive HR support: from planning and recruiting to coordinating activities and onboarding.

Staff savings

You don’t need to hire new people for your HR teams. Our recruiters will begin working on the project immediately after deployment.


Has your company’s recruiting need changed? You can temporarily increase or decrease your RPO team.

How do we work?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a recruiter rental service model that was developed based on the best market standards.

Feasibility study

Evaluation of project feasibility in collaboration with Talent Place and identification of potential difficulties and possible solutions.

Decision on cooperation

Signing a framework agreement, establishing a timeline for collaboration and discussing tasks and goals for the RPO recruiter.

Creating RPO team

Introducing selected RPO recruiters who are the best fit for the project to the client.


Introduction of client and RPO model recruiters to the collaboration. Familiarization with the specifics of the project.

Ongoing cooperation

Our RPO Manager oversees the project delivery process. Is in ongoing contact with the client and RPO recruiters to make the collaboration run as smoothly as possible.

What are the options
for collaboration?

Depending on your hiring needs, you may choose from one of two forms of collaboration:


an experienced end-to-end recruiter who becomes part of the HR team and can handle the entire recruitment process


a team of sourcers and/or end-to-end recruiters prepared to effectively execute large and long-term projects

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RPO Recruitment Model is delivered with the highest standards and proven methodology. Working with us means:

Working with hired experts under the brand and supervision of the client

Possibility to hire a recruiter even on a part-time basis

Flexible form of cooperation – you decide on the scope of recruiter’s responsibilities

Access to our candidate base and community network

Support of RPO Manager who ensures high level of service and communication with the customer

Predictability of costs at each stage of cooperation

Substitution in case of absence of the recruiter

Support from our remote community and Talent Place back office

See how we sourced candidates for an American technology company operating in the TFL industry using the RPO model

We were in the process of increasing our internal team but with the due to the notice periods of new employees we needed temporary support. Talent Place provided us with four full-time recruiters for 3 months so we did not have to delay any of our hiring processes – said Amanda Egan, Talent Acquisition Manager at project44

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Talent Place was ranked the top recruiting service provider in the world in 2020, 2021 and 2022 by the U.S. website Clutch and #2 in the world in IT recruiting by The Manifest.

The results were based on customer feedback, services offered, quality of work and market presence.

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