Crowdstaffing in small and large scale recruitment

A network of recruiters that receives personalized recruitment projects. Recruitment based on a system of recommendations and mutual support among HR experts from various industries – this is crowdstaffing, the most effective way of recruiting in Poland and abroad.

What is crowdstaffing and how does it work?

Each recruiter has his own individual database of candidates, which he constantly updates and develops. On average, it consists of 700 contacts and includes Candidates from one or several related industries. At a time when a community of several dozen recruiters from various industries joins forces, you can look at their databases globally – then such a database has a total of up to 150,000 Candidates!

There are people in various positions, with various seniorities and experience in many areas – from IT, through sales, marketing, BPO / SSC, to engineering and production. Crowdstaffing, i.e. recruiting by the community , is based on the idea of direct search, work with the database and mutual recommendation of candidates between recruiters from various industries, who have separate contact lists. This means that each recruitment process, regardless of the industry, is able to be carried out by the recruiting community quickly and efficiently. You can view case studies of selected processes based on crowdstaffing on our website.

At Talent Place, we used this method for the first time in 2016. It quickly turned out that it is the most effective on the market; brings the best results in the shortest time. We know that the best Candidates come from recommendations, which is why over the years we have developed our recruiting community and refined our processes, giving them the highest quality. The recommendation systems and referral programs developed by us engage recruitment specialists even more and allow us to close projects at an ever faster pace and with better results.

Crowdstaffing – benefits for your company

Fast implementation of placements

In recruitment, apart from carefully selected recommendations, the speed of employment is also important. Crowdstaffing allows you to instantly convey expectations of the ideal candidate for a given position in your company. A community of HR experts with experience in recruitment for various industries, thanks to joint action, is able to quickly select the best suited talents.

Greater recruitment opportunities

Especially in the face of a large recruitment need, when internal HR departments may turn out to be insufficient. The power of crowdstaffing lies in the diversity and mutual cooperation of experts from various fields. Thanks to this, the recruiting community is able to simultaneously conduct multidisciplinary processes: simultaneously deliver placements to the positions of IT specialists, managers, production engineers or accountants. Crowdstaffing allows you to reach Candidates from many industries at the same time.

A scalable solution

Community recruitment means unlimited opportunities to attract a large number of Candidates from any industry. For example, if your organization plans to expand to foreign markets, it means that it will need to recruit many people in a short time. Thanks to crowdstaffing it is possible, in addition, this solution also ensures the best quality of Candidates and quick implementation of processes.

Community recruiting in practice

Both small businesses, startups and multinational corporations can benefit from crowdstaffing. By commissioning individual projects, for example to hire an IT specialist with a narrow specialization or by hiring a recruiter from the Community to the company for a specific period of time, they entrust HR processes to specialists who are the best on the market. The model of Talent Place operation has been appreciated, for example, by the American portal Clutch, recognizing us as the best recruitment agency in the world.

This only confirms how effective crowdstaffing is and what recruitment opportunities it offers. Thanks to the diverse network of recruiters, our search for Candidates is precise and short-lived. In addition, each of our recruiters makes sure that they are an interview partner for the Candidate, regardless of the level of their “seniority” or stage of the process. All this means that the client receives recommendations from Candidates with the right profile and the desired competences.

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