Sick on B2B – learn the facts and myths

Are you facing the choice of contract employment or B2B contracts and don’t know what to choose? Are you concerned about health issues? In both cases, the rules are radically different.

13 elements to avoid on your CV

A good CV is often really half the battle in the recruitment process. It is the first set of information a recruiter receives about you. It’s a ticket to whether you’ll be invited to an interview – unfortunately, even if you do great at interviews and follow-ups. The information contained in your CV is a set of data that the recruiter knows about you at the start. Find out what elements in a CV are worth avoiding or only include depending on these specific situations.

Career change at the age of late 30s

Have you ever thought: „I am useless, I can do nothing else, I have just a few skills”? I have thought. It was the moment when I decided that I had to change my career. Let me tell you my story about changing my life. The career path from teacher to recruiter is an example of rebranding, depending only on willingness.

How to find a job you will love?

We spend a significant part of our lives at work, so it’s worth ensuring that our job duties are, as much as possible, in line with our interests, and certainly that what we do for a living gives us satisfaction and joy. I think everyone would like to be paid for what they like to do. Find out how to successfully find a job that you will enjoy.

How to set professional goals and achieve them? I want to be effective

Setting and achieving goals are key elements in the pursuit of success both in life and at work. If you don’t have clear priorities, it will be all the more difficult to motivate yourself to take action. Without working out ways to achieve goals – it’s hard to achieve them successively in the long run. Read the post and learn the secrets of effective career goal setting.

Work or motherhood – freelance mom

Full speed 24 hours a day? – it’s mom! What about when a professional area needs to be added to the home-parenting tasks? Is it possible to extend the 24-hour day to also focus on mom’s career, which is equally important to her? Read and learn the story of a mom-freelancer!

What annoys recruiters the most and why? [RAPORT]

Every industry faces its own problems. Whether it is IT, HR, Marketing or Sales. But do specific groups of professions, such as recruiters, too? After all, the Internet says their lives are strewn with roses, and it’s easy to rebrand. Find out what frustrates recruiters the most – and why?

Feedback in recruitment – candidate’s perspective

Feedback given to a candidate in the recruitment process, by definition should always appear in the recruitment process. Also in a situation where the candidacy was rejected. Often candidates receive no response at all. What is the importance of information for the candidate? Check out candidate reviews.

Quiet quitting – a symbol of a modern career?

It is observed that the youngest generation places clear boundaries between private and professional life. Is this a reference to quiet quitting? What changes does it mean for the labor market and organizational culture?