IT Recruitment Outsourcing – is it worth it?

Recruiting IT professionals involves many challenges that require knowledge and the right approach to the candidate. The IT job market is still an employee’s market, where a candidate can choose from many offers. In addition, the specifics of the industry require a thorough verification of the Candidate’s competence. Not every Recruiter knows how to handle such a challenge. However, there is a solution for this – IT Recruitment Outsourcing. What benefits does it bring, is it profitable and for whom?

Duration of recruitment

Hiring an outsourced recruitment agency has one huge advantage – it reduces the time spent on recruitment. Sometimes it can take less than 2 weeks from hiring an agency to signing a contract with a new employee! Mostly, however, the time is a bit longer, as on average it is about 1-2 months, depending on the specifics of the role, the requirements of the organization, or location considerations. However, it is still much shorter than traditional recruitment methods, as the agency itself is also keen to close the process as smoothly as possible.

Recruitment costs

IT Recruitment Outsourcing is considered by many companies to be an unnecessary cost. After all, the company itself can do the whole process. However, preparing the entire recruitment process yourself, creates a huge risk of hiring a mismatched candidate. The employee who was implemented in his position consumed a huge amount of time and cost. Can the organization afford to have an employee say after a probationary period that he or she is leaving or, however, has not been successful in the assigned role? Can the company afford to fire such an employee after 3 months due to knowledge deficiencies? Recruitment through IT outsourcing costs money, but guarantees the selection of the right candidates.

Another aspect to look at when considering IT Recruitment Outsourcing is its impact on the company’s image. Improper recruitment can result in discouraging the most quality talent from taking the job. In addition, such situations can damage a company’s good name. That’s why recruitment agencies care about the full professionalism of the services they provide, because it’s not just about their clients’ reputations, but also their own.

Reliability of the recruitment agency

The biggest fear companies have about IT Recruitment Outsourcing is the lack of thoroughness and the risk of failure of the entire recruitment process. The question arises: will a recruitment agency hire IT professionals for us and be up to the task? Will it succeed in verifying the skills of employees? There are many companies on the market that deal with recruitment outsourcing, and they approach the whole process of selecting a candidate with due diligence, preparing the recruitment process in close cooperation with the hiring company. These companies are familiar with the IT industry, and know how to talk to a candidate in order to encourage cooperation, as well as verify their competence.

Knowledge and experience

By far the biggest plus of a recruitment agency is its knowledge and experience. Recruiters working there, use advanced methods to source IT professionals, using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The extensive knowledge and experience gained allows us to use flexible and out-of-the-box solutions tailored to a specific situation or project.

Talent Place’s community of more than 200 HR professionals has access to a active candidate database, where the referral of contacts between recruiters for specific projects ensures a smooth flow of information and responsive candidates. The biggest advantage of using the Talent Pooling method is the lack of chance and speed.

Database of contacts and candidates

Outsourcing with a recruitment agency means working with a database of people who specialize in different areas of the IT industry, so they are able to quickly select the right people and then vet them. As a result, the costs associated with acquiring a new candidate are optimized. This includes costs arising from the recruitment process itself (the cost of recruitment advertisements, the cost of occupational health examinations, employee salaries, equipment and software licenses), as well as those associated with the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Recruitment tools

External recruiters use tools to accurately assess a candidate’s competencies, such as language and task tests, interviews to help determine not only hard competencies, but also soft competencies necessary for higher positions related to IT management. During the recruitment process, they use a variety of sources of information – from recommendations, advertisements on industry portals and in institutions and universities to direct search.

IT Recruitment Outsourcing – for whom?

It might seem that only the largest companies can afford to use IT Recruitment Outsourcing. Meanwhile, programmers and IT specialists are also needed in smaller companies not directly related to software development. IT Recruitment Outsourcing should be used by smaller companies in particular when the specifics of the industry are not well known to them.

Acquiring specialists in the IT industry is not an easy task. It seems even more difficult to find a candidate for long-term cooperation, with such a dynamic labor market and competition tempting from everywhere. Permanent recruitment carries the risk of a multi-stage and costly sourcing process. So it’s worth considering the use of outsourcing, which gives the entrepreneur access to a wide range of experienced recruiters and HR specialists along with all the provider’s know-how.

IT Contracting

IT Contracting service gives you the opportunity to start a project quickly. The flexibility of the solution allows you to select the competencies you need at different stages of the project without need to permanently hire some extra teams. A database of contacts and a referral program ensure that the project starts on time, even for the most demanding jobs.

When to use IT Contracting?

  • If the company needs flexible cooperation with IT specialists and the organization depends on immediate solutions. The outsourcing model provides matched experts with the required technical competence without the need for a permanent employee.
  • IT Contracting will be perfect for projects that are divided into phases, requiring specialists with different competencies who can be added during the lifetime of the project.
  • Experts are selected according to the client’s expectations and the required technology. If new technological challenges arise during the project, additional contractors can be swapped or hired as needed.

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