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More and more support and automation capabilities are appearing on the market. This is also the case in the HR industry. However, is it a game worth the candle? Are there HR Tech tools for individual recruiters or only for companies? Learn ways to manage your recruitment processes, no matter where and how you work!

Maybe you need changes in managing your candidate base? Keep reading to see how AI can support your work!

What is an ATS system?

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) – a system for tracking applications/applications of candidates for specific recruitment processes. ATS systems automate many activities, making the whole process more efficient and effective.

What is the automation of recruitment processes thanks to ATS systems?

The systems are compliant with RODO regulations. Most often, such programs have features:

  • creation of a database of candidates
  • sourcing candidates from internal and external sources
  • viewing candidate profiles
  • create notes next to candidate profiles
  • managing and communicating with candidates
  • performance reporting

ATS with CRM implemented

CRM systems deal with the automation of sales of services, for example. There are also solutions like ATS systems with CRM modules implemented. They are most often used by companies recruiting for clients. So, at the same time, they are automating the sale of their recruitment services and their ongoing recruitment processes.

Why should you use ATS systems when conducting recruitment processes?

That saving money is the most important benefit of companies using automation systems is widely known. However, which ones apply directly to Recruiters? This is primarily a reduction in work time and convenience.

The benefits to recruiters of using ATS systems:

  • Conveniently build and manage a database of candidates
  • creation of notes
  • saving contact to candidates
  • monitoring of ongoing recruitment
  • management of applications received
  • importing resumes

Automating your tasks will allow you to forget about some of your routines, reduce stress and reduce the time you spend on work. This will make you even more effective in delivering candidates.

Talent Pooling App – your personal ATS – no matter where or how you work!

The downside of common ATS systems is that they are designed for companies with recruiters. Talent Pooling App is an ATS designed for individual units. It ensures that you always have access to your accumulated contacts. Even when you change your workplace, you won’t lose access to your resources. You can use the Talent Pooling App whether you work full-time for one company or work with several as a freelancer. You can manage your recruitment processes from your phone or computer.

Create an account and start using your personal ATS: Talent Pooling App

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