Are you planning a recruitment budget for 2024? Optimize costs.

The last quarter of the year is the time for many companies to plan their recruitment budget for the next year. The recent economic crisis has forced many companies to cut and optimize costs. How to budget effectively? What to invest in and what to give up? In the post, you will learn what to pay attention to when planning your 2024 budget and how to optimize recruitment costs.

IT Recruitment Agency – how to choose the best one?

In today’s dynamic world of technology, the IT industry is developing at a dizzying pace, and the demand for qualified specialists is constantly growing. The Polish IT industry employs over 450,000 specialists and about 50,000 companies from the IT industry, generating 8% of GDP. Companies are looking for the right candidates to help them succeed and develop their technological edge. However, finding the right IT professionals can be a challenge, which is why many companies decide to use the services of recruitment agencies specializing in the IT area.

AI for recruiting – How artificial intelligence can help recruiters?

The world of work is changing dynamically, and modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, play a key role in recruitment processes. Thanks to the use of AI, recruiters have a chance to revolutionize their work, increasing efficiency, precision and quality of employment, if they use the tools of modern technology appropriately. In the article I described the benefits of using artificial intelligence in the HR industry.

How to get Z generations employees to fight for your job offer?

Generation Z – some of them have already started their career path, some are about to start and some will do it in a few or several years. What should a potential employer do to make the offer attractive for young people? Here are some simple ways you can effectively use while preparing for the employees to come.

Why does the 100% success fee model generate additional costs for the client?

Nowadays, many companies, driven by cost savings, prefer to use a 100% success fee model in cooperation with recruitment agencies. However, there are a number of factors that often play a role in a customer’s failure to achieve the intended goal. Despite the fact that there is no fee for the service, but only for the effect itself, there is a high risk of additional costs associated with the protracted process, which can significantly exceed the agreed amount of remuneration with the agency.

New regulations on remote working in Poland – flexibility & challenges

In today’s dynamic and technologically advanced world, the possibility of working remotely has become obvious. Amendments to the Labor Code aim to adapt to the changing reality, introducing new regulations on flexible forms of employment. The new regulations on remote work entered into force on April 7, 2023. How do they affect employees and employers and how do they shape the future of the labor market?

What does recruitment look like in the IT industry?

In Poland, the IT market is still very dynamic. After noting a decline in the recruitment of IT experts in the second half of 2022, demand for specialists has begun to rise again. The peculiarities of the industry and the demand in the labor market mean that recruitment in IT is governed by its own rules.

Internal recruitment – pros and cons

Any company that has employees and opens a new vacancy faces the choice of one of two paths to attract candidates for the position – it can recruit internally or externally. Internal recruitment is based on employees currently employed by the company, while external recruitment involves attracting new candidates through various external channels. Both recruitment methods have their pros and cons. Each company should assess which option will be more favorable based on the current situation, the general labor market situation, and the specifics of the position itself. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment.

IT Recruitment Outsourcing – is it worth it?

Recruiting IT professionals involves many challenges that require knowledge and the right approach to the candidate. The IT job market is still an employee’s market, where a candidate can choose from many offers. In addition, the specifics of the industry require a thorough verification of the Candidate’s competence. Not every Recruiter knows how to handle such a challenge. However, there is a solution for this – IT Recruitment Outsourcing What benefits does it bring, is it profitable and for whom?

Where to open a Business Service Center in Poland? – the right investment [REPORT]

There are more than 400,000 specialists work in the Polish business services industry. For many years, Poland has confirmed that it is a top location when it comes to launching GBS/SSC/BPO by international corporations. It is in the top five most populous EU countries. The choice of location must be thoughtful, so we have prepared a special report comparing various factors in major cities in Poland.