IT talents in Europe

With more than 6 million developers, Europe is firmly positioned as a global technology player. This report analyzed 44 European countries in order to get relevant insights related to the IT talent market. We have set out to identify the data on 10 roles related to development: Java Developer, Javascript Developer, Python Developer, PHP Developer, C# Developer, C Developer, C++ Developer, GO Developer, R Developer, Swift Developer.

IT Market in Europe

In 2021, with a record $100 billion in invested capital, Europe has produced 98 new unicorns and the strongest startup pool in history, now rivalling the US. Europe is where brands that are known practically all over the world have been created and developed, such as Spotify from Sweden, Skype from Estonia, from the Netherlands and CD Projekt Red from Poland.

Many IT companies are opening branches in Europe to gain better access to a wide range of talent that can work in any part of the continent. EU citizens can move freely within member countries, and remote working and talent mobility are also growing in popularity. Immigration of people with desirable skills is also more facilitated in the European Union.

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Developers distribution

Companies, due to the rise in popularity of remote work, have begun to hire globally, which means they don’t have to limit their talent search to a specific location to find the perfect employee. In addition to the high quality of programmers, CEE countries also attract due to much lower employment costs than in more developed countries.

The high quality of their skills, coupled with the widespread use of English in Europe and an ambitious desire to grow, makes Europe an important and safe IT hub in the world for many years to come.

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