Top 5 recruitment trends in 2023

Entering a new year means intensive efforts by HR departments to create an effective strategy for the next 12 months. Changes in the world and in the labor market continue to generate new needs. And as a result, innovative tools and solutions are being created to respond to them. What will be 2023 recruiting trends that every recruiter will must to have in their minds and actions? In this article, you will learn about 5 key recruitment trends for 2023 and their impact on the employee acquisition process.

Generation Z is entering the market in increased numbers

Representatives of Generation Z, also known as Zoomers, are those born between 1997 and 2010. They are young and ambitious individuals focused on their needs, who are ready to enter the labor market and strongly revolutionize it. The most numerous and diverse generation that demands innovative solutions based on flexibility, speed and virtuality. Gen Z are surrounded by new technology, they quickly search for information on the Internet and are happy to be active in social media.

What actions will be recommended in relation to the youngest generation of employees? Above all, recruitment automation, application processes adapted to mobile devices, and ensuring ongoing candidate engagement at every stage of recruitment. The recruiter should be attentive and flexible, creatively approaching the consensus between the needs of business and the youngest generation in the labor market. Understand the recruitment needs of Generation Z in the workplace to find common ground with candidates.

Focusing on the work-life fit model

The fact that Zoomers are entering the labor market may strongly affect the number of recruitment offers based on flexible work. Work-life fit focuses its attention on outcomes, regardless of where and when an employee performs his or her tasks. Organizations will seek to reduce their staffing budgets by introducing flexible working hours, thus responding to current business needs.

Why is the idea of work-life fit gaining so much popularity? It is a win-win solution. For the employee, this means more time for himself, which will provide a work-life balance and more energy and motivation to perform tasks. The employer has a more efficient and innovative employee with a positive attitude towards work, which translates into commitment and identification with the company.

Increase in the number of freelancers

Remote work has strongly influenced the rise in popularity of the freelance model. Employees are increasingly willing to take on additional assignments, successfully combining new projects with permanent employment. Employers need support for single, short-term assignments where there is no time for lengthy recruitment processes. Freelancers do not complain about their earnings while being able to develop their skills in various projects, and employers benefit from lower hiring costs by supplementing the team with people with skills that are missing from the company.

What does more freelancers on the market mean for a recruiter? The need to build your own personal brand and participate in communities or marketplaces for recruiters, making it easier to compete for projects in the market. Become freelance recruiter and join our community, completing projects for clients from all over the world.

Outsourcing Recruitment Processes

Employers, striving to optimize the costs of their teams, if they do not choose cooperation with freelancers, will alternatively hire recruiters from the market under the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) model. The high dynamics of the processes and the need to quickly find a cooperation partner with expertise in the desired roles will make companies opt to temporarily support their teams with experienced recruiters from recruitment agencies.

Such a solution helps the company quickly recruit a suitably experienced and motivated person with the know-how to guarantee the achievement of goals, while not permanently burdening the employer’s payroll. These are key elements to maintaining a competitive edge.

Talent Pooling as an ideal form of recruitment

Recruitment based on relationships is the basis of modern and effective recruitment processes. The Talent pooling method is based on three main pillars. It is consciously building a candidate base, maintaining relationships with it and sharing candidates with others, which allows the recruiter to maximize his efficiency and profits.

A well-matched candidate very often comes from recommendations, and a contact database is the best tool in a recruiter’s job. Creating a quality network of contacts and then using its resources is one of the biggest recruitment trends for 2023 since it is an extremely effective form of recruitment that allows the recruiter to spend less time on sourcing and more time on recruiting and personal branding.

Anna Minkisiewicz

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