Candidate – partner “in crime”. Partner relationship as a response to the recruiter’s needs

The basis when building a candidate base and creating a good image of the recruiter is to build the right recruiter-candidate relationship. It requires commitment and an individual approach to each person. What effect can we expect? An effective recruitment process, which means a satisfied client and a strong foundation of trust. Do you want candidates in your network to feel that you are in this together? Be like partners. Find the answers in the article and learn how to build and maintain a partnership with candidates.

What is a relationship with a candidate and what does it consist of?

Like any other relationship, this partnership is based on trust and honesty. Every person involved gives and gains, and their contribution should be equal or very similar. A relationship with a candidate can be created not only privately, but also on a professional basis. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a private or professional relationship, because the “partner” approach to the other person works everywhere.

How to build a partnership with the candidate?

Honesty – without it we will not build a partnership. Telling the truth and being open in communication from the very beginning provides a good foundation in building relationships with candidates.

Consistency – is important from the first contact. It is worth being consistent when sending initial messages or conducting conversations. With clear messages, we build trust, and the candidate knows he can rely on us.

Wordiness – in a situation where we promise something, we must remember it and keep our word. This builds our credibility, influences professionalism and increases trust in the recruiter.

How to maintainrelationships with candidates?

The most important aspect of maintaining a relationship with a candidate is constant contact. Its frequency should be tailored to the needs of both parties. Nurture trust, because once you let the other party doubt you, it can be very difficult to rebuild the relationship. Another issue is, the ability to actively listen and ask questions that deepen the topic. This allows the other party to see that we are committed and care about our relationship.

Relationship in the work of a recruiter plays an important role

To sum up the issue of a relationship between the candidate and the recruiter is based on the exchange of goods and values between the people who make it up. A sense of balance, fairness and comfort is the key to success and the basis for effective implementation of professional goals. The relationships you build and nurture over time bring a lot of good and benefits. It’s only a matter of time when a well-kept acquaintance will bear fruit – whether in professional or private life.

Is it worth building and caring for partner relations at work?

In my opinion, definitely YES!

Natalia Szubert

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