The best recruitment ads in the IT industry

An effectively written job offer guarantees the closing of a recruitment in a very fast time – even in a week. Thanks to the information provided, the Candidate can determine whether the offer is suitable for him. A complete job advertisement saves Recruiters’ time in searching for talent and increases the chance of a better employee match. Find out how to write effective recruitment ads in the IT industry and attract the best employees?

What information is worth including in a job offer?

Empathy with the Candidate’s position are the basis. The easiest question to ask yourself is: “What do I want to know about the job I’m applying for?” This shows the right perspective and illuminates important things. It is definitely a good idea to describe the project for which you are looking for a new person – what are the goals to be achieved, how long will it take, whether the work is about development, maintenance, expansion of a specific product.

An important element is the name and location of the company, along with a brief description of what the organization does. It is a very good idea to include a description of a typical work day/week in the ad. It is also worth describing the size and composition of the team in which the new Employee will work.

It is worth including in the description who makes the decisions on the choice of technology and work methodology. Some developers want to have a say in this, while others are indifferent.

What are the key information that determines the Candidate’s application?

The main information that must appear in an IT job offer is the mode of work, responsibilities and technology stack. Alternatively, additional benefits can be included. Wage spreads – this is one of the most important issues. The form of employment – the type of contract or the size of the salary is the basic information that should appear at the very beginning. Work mode – nowadays, remote work is a staple for some, while others prefer to work in the office.

What is most often missing from job advertisements?

More often than not, job ads lack forks and the company name. This is often related to the organization’s policies. From my own experience, I know that many companies do not have overt forks and do not want their company to be associated with specific salaries. However, it is important to note that this is one of the key conditions that candidates in the IT industry pay attention to.

Another piece of information that is most often missing from an ad for IT professionals is a mention of the version of the technology stack used in the project. At the very first contact with the recruiter, candidates inquire about this information, the methodology of work and the version of technology they will work with in the project.

Effective recruitment advertisement

In order to effectively write IT recruitment ads and attract the best employees, you need to include as much relevant information as possible. Let’s keep in mind key issues such as forks, mode and technology stack. This is the information required first by IT professionals. When creating a job ad, it is a good idea to get under the skin of the person you are looking for and provide the necessary information. This will save the Recruiter’s work time, as well as the Candidate’s job search time.

Natalia Szubert

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