Where to open a Business Service Center in Poland? – the right investment [REPORT]

There are more than 400,000 specialists work in the Polish business services industry. For many years, Poland has confirmed that it is a top location when it comes to launching GBS/SSC/BPO by international corporations. It is in the top five most populous EU countries. The choice of location must be thoughtful, so we have prepared a special report comparing various factors in major cities in Poland.

Talent Place has prepared a special report on the most popular cities in Poland to answer most frequently asked business questions related to investing in this country. What does the tech talent pool look like at each location? How do salaries vary by location? And much more.

Goal of the report 

Talent Place’s long-term cooperation with foreign companies from the GBS/BPO/SSC sector as well as the knowledge and experience of our community of over 200 recruiters allowed us to prepare a report of GBS/BPO/SSC centers regarding the most advantageous location on the market in Poland. The purpose of the report is to help business owners find answers to main business questions.

Talent Pool

In 2020, we could observe a decrease in the growth rate of the SSC/BPO industry due to the pandemic. However, companies from the modern business services sector quickly coped with the situation and adapted to the new conditions. 23,000 new jobs in this sector were created between 2021 and 2022.

The modern business services sector currently creates jobs in almost 2,000 business process service centers (BPO), shared services (SSC/GBS), IT and research and development centers (R&D). Currently, 72% of all centers belong to foreign investors from 46 countries. Most of the people employed in this sector live in Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw.

The most popular languages used during customer service are English, followed by German and French. In 2022, the average salary in the Polish GBS/BPO/SSC sector ranged from €16,000 a year for a junior to €60,000 a year for a manager on an employment contract. In Poland 5% of total remuneration is provided as a bonus and 4% is a benefits cost. Only 1% is provided as a guaranteed allowance.

Employment structure in selected locations of business services

Recruitment and employment

The level of salaries in Poland, compared to the largest Metropolitan Areas of Western and Northern Europe and the USA, is still very competitive. Lower wages and access to highly qualified employees mean that Poland invariably remains among the leaders strongly attracting companies from the SSC/BPO sector.

Employment in the business services sector in Poland will continue to grow. The dynamics of employment growth is estimated at 7.9%. Among the eleven most significant business locations, the highest average employment occurs in Krakow. Twenty six centers in Krakow employ over 1,000 people. It is 33.0% of all such centers in Poland.

The Polish SSC/BPO market is very popular with employment contracts and the hybrid model of the workplace. The trial period is not mandatory, but it is an accepted market practice and standard. The main advantages of the employment contract for the employer are the employee’s availability and personal performance of work. The employee gains protection under the Labor Code, is provided with the minimum wage, has paid holidays, has the option of going on sick leave, receives protection during pregnancy, or has a period of notice.

Employer’s contributions

Business environment

The sector developed faster than expected, which was the result of a strong recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of Q1 2022, foreign investors accounted for 82.6% of jobs in the sector and managed 68.6% of the total number of business service centers. 

Poland has become a leader on the office market in the CEE region. At the beginning of 2022, the total stock of modern office space in 9 major markets in the country amounted to 12.2 million m2. Taking into account the availability of qualified employees, transport links to the airport, infrastructure and comparing the quality and cost of living, the best rated cities are Kraków, Warsaw and the Tri-City.

Poland has confirmed that it is a top location when it comes to launching SSC/BPO by international corporations. We are in the top five most populous EU countries. Most people aged 19-26 are students who enter the labor market every year. Poland has a well-qualified staff, modern office facilities and a very good infrastructure enabling an attractive quality of life.

Business service centers in Poland

Why is it worth to open a Business Service Center in Poland?

Poland is located in the center of Europe. It is the sixth largest economy in the European Union and has been one of the leaders of economic growth in Europe over the last 10 years. Is largest economy in Central Europe and since beginning of the transformation in 1989, he is a development leader.

It is one of the important branches of the Polish economy sector of business services based on knowledge and development. The sector has experienced impressive growth in recent years enabled Poland to strengthen its position as one of the main centers in the business services sector in the EMEA region and worldwide, and also constitutes one of the main locations for new investments into BPO/SSC, GBS, IT and R&D centers.

Are you wondering where to open a Business Service Center in Poland? Check out the full report with comparison of the major cities prepared by Talent Place.

Download Business Service Center in Poland report

Recruitment for BPO and SSC

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