Talent pooling – everything you need to know about an important trend in recruitment

Have you ever wondered what potential hides in your candidate base? Learn about talent pooling – the future of recruitment.

By combining the recruitment needs of companies with the ready-made candidate databases of recruiters, projects can be closed quickly and successfully.

The candidate base is your superpower. Take advantage of it!

How many candidates does your base include? 50? 100? 1500? Use the relationships you build with your network to recruit faster and more effectively! Talent pooling is a concept that involves building a candidate base (known as a talent pool) and then using its resources – not just for your projects. Talent pooling is also about recommending candidates from your network to other recruiters for projects they are running.

Talent pool allows you to actively use something that has been built up over the years. There is no limit to the number of candidates you can recommend. Instead, there is a chance to close the process faster and… earn extra money. Talent Place is promoting a new approach to recruiting – talent pooling! Using your superpower of networking to help other recruiters, with additional benefits for yourself. What are the benefits? The main advantages of talent pooling include saving the time and nerves associated with a lengthy and tedious search for candidates on LinkedIn.

It’s also easier to maintain good relations with candidates, who are often annoyed by the large number of messages they receive with mismatched offers. There is a much better chance that they will be interested in an offer if it really fits their profile and expectations. And it will come from a person with whom they have already had the opportunity to talk. We wrote more about identifying the applicant’s needs in another article.

Recruitment through networking

Recruitment through the community, or crowdstaffing, is an operating model that we at Talent Place have been using successfully since 2016. It allows for fine-tuning of recommendations to the process in a short period of time (even 7 days from the start of cooperation). Crowdstaffing involves building a flexible community of recruiters who decide for themselves how many projects they want to participate in over time. What’s more, recruiters work together to recommend candidates to each other – each can count on the support of other HR experts during recruitment.

In such an operating model, talent pooling is of great importance. It allows the community to work together and thus achieve better goals. Internal referral systems and related benefits for our community members enable us to complete even the most complex projects in no time, regardless of the industry. The more HR experts work on talent pooling, the more they can achieve together.

What are the advantages of talent pooling in recruitment?

There are many benefits of talent pooling in HR:

  1. Under talent pooling, not only do you recommend candidates, but candidates from other recruiters’ bases are recommended to you. So you close the project faster and more efficiently.
  2. Support pays off. You’re helping other recruiters meet their goals, but you’re also earning money for the work you’ve already done. Take part, for example, in Talent Place’s referral program – submit your candidate to one of the processes and, if he or she gets hired, you get paid.
  3. Making candidates available for other large-scale projects can change the face of recruitment. Imagine a network of recruiters who achieve goals by helping each other. It’s already happening at Talent Place, and you too can get started in this way, and earn money in the process.
  4. You get more enjoyment out of your work. Just like that! No one likes to send a message “mechanically”, only to be told in a moment of disinterest or…. not receive a response at all. In talent pooling, you build on the relationship you already have with a candidate and offer him or her to participate in processes that they might really be interested in. You get more interest in the role, and the candidate gets personalized messages with specifics of interest to the role.

Change your approach and gain!

Most recruiters, when they receive a project to work on, approach it according to a specific pattern: briefing, direct search, phone screening, verification and preparation of recommendations. Ask yourself, how much time does sourcing take you? Now think how much you can save it through talent pooling! Time is an asset we are all short of, and any way to get it back is important. You close the project faster and have more space to pursue other goals.

In talent pooling, you recommend candidates and candidates are recommended to you. Collaboration between HR experts enters a whole new level, and as a result, processes can be closed faster and better than ever before. Just realize that every person in your contact base has the potential to start working in a role for which one of your industry colleagues is currently recruiting. You know best the needs and motivations of candidates from your base. Take advantage of this and help better match candidates with employers.

Anna Jaskowska

Talent Pooling

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