On a job or project – learn about the forms of cooperation with Talent Place

Recruiters who want to cooperate with Talent Place can choose how much time they want to spend on cooperation and choose its form – become an freelance recruiter or project recruiter. How are these two paths different, and which one is for you?

How to be a freelance recruiter?

Do you work full-time, run your own business or are a freelancer and have space for additional projects? Wondering how to be a freelance recruiter? Great! All you have to do is give us a minimum of 10 hours a week and we will provide you with the right number of projects. At Talent Place, you decide when and where you work from, and what projects you implement. What counts for us is your efficiency and professionalism.

In Talent Place, apart from the recruitment itself, for more experienced people, it is also possible to cooperate as a coordinator of recruitment processes. Therefore, your tasks will include not only the contact with the candidates, but also the selection and management of a team of recruiters during the project, as well as contact with the client.

In Talent Place, you can also cooperate with clients in addition to recruitment projects in terms of improving their internal HR processes – for example, help in arranging career paths or in the preparation of an incentive system for employees.

Crowdstaffing, or recruiting by the community

It would seem that as a freelancer you are doomed only to yourself, your connections and your own set of recruitment skills. Nothing could be more wrong. At Talent Place, for each project you can count on the support of an extensive community of recruiters, which share common goals and a sense of belonging. You can use the experience of other specialists from different locations, advise on difficult issues or expand the network of contacts thanks to their help. Community Talent Place currently has over 100 recruiters specializing in various industries.

Crowdstaffing is not only support for the recruiter during recruitment processes. It is also a two-way way to effectively recruit the best employees. Why? On the one hand, a dispersed, diverse community of recruiters allows for the delivery of a large number of applications. On the other hand, this model of cooperation is a proven method that allows you to select the best candidates. It is thanks to community recruitment that Talent Place headhunters can boast high efficiency and excellent results.

Choose projects that interest you

If you’ve already gotten the answer to the question: how to become a freelance recruiter and joined the Talent Place community, it’s time to choose a project that interests you. You can go towards well-known positions in industries that have no secrets from you or try your hand at completely new areas. So far, you have been recruiting for production departments, and now you want to take up a challenge, for example as IT freelance recruiter ? You will have the opportunity to do so at Talent Place. The variety of projects and clients from many industries are the hallmarks of this place.

For recruiters looking for new challenges, this model of cooperation will be perfect. It is also a great opportunity for development – cooperation with other recruiters, a variety of clients and candidates.

Freelancing? It’s not for me, I prefer full time recruitment jobs

At Talent Place, we understand that working as a freelancer or project recruiter is not for everyone, so those who prefer full-time recruiting will find freedom in the form of work and professional development.The model that we propose at that time is constant work in the internal team of Talent Place recruiters, implementing projects for strategic clients or cooperation in the RPO model, i.e. Recruitment Process Outsorcing. What is it about?

The RPO at Talent Place involves a client hiring a community recruiter to work on his team for a specified period of time. This is a great opportunity to work for various companies in a short time, having a full time at Talent Place . In this model of cooperation, you will not only represent the client in the preparation and conduct of recruitment, but also help him unify recruitment practices and try to implement new technologies and tools that will make the processes more effective.

RPO – a response to the recruitment needs of enterprises

It happens that companies experience a sudden recruitment need and it is necessary to recruit a large number of candidates in a short time. This is a real challenge for HR departments, especially if the teams do not have enough resources to perform this task. In such a situation, the RPO becomes an appropriate action that allows you to quickly and effectively attract new employees, while saving time and money. A recruiter or a team of recruiters on behalf of Talent Place, thanks to his experience and an extensive network of contacts, helps to select ideal candidates with appropriate qualifications and conduct the entire recruitment process.

Build teams, image, expertise

During the term of the RPO contract, as a Talent Place recruiter, you will work with the client remotely, just like freelance recruiters. By remaining in constant contact, you represent the company outside and support it in all recruitment processes. The duties include planning employment, collecting information, as well as selecting candidates and verifying, including onboarding and reporting on progress. What else? You will take care of the positive Employer Branding of the company, supporting it in processes and building its image, supporting development and providing an advantage on the market. RPO recruiters also benefit from community help and support.

An atmosphere that boosts efficiency

Whether you prefer to become a freelance recruiter or prefer stability as a full-time recruiter, at Talent Place you will successfully achieve your goals. What’s more, a well-coordinated community of recruiters will become a source of support and inspiration and you will quickly feel “at home” in it. The atmosphere of friendship and cooperation is what distinguishes Community Talent Place from the recruitment industry. Diversity is the strength of this community, and shared goals drive positive action even more and motivate people to achieve the best results.

There is no doubt that both paths of development at Talent Place are proposals for modern recruiters. Do you value flexibility and want to choose how much time you spend on projects and how many of them will you complete in a given month? Become a freelance recruiter! Do you prefer to support specific companies in recruitment processes and help them grow in strength based on their culture? Test yourself as an RPO recruiter or join the core team of Talent Place.

Piotr Pawłowski

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