Sick on B2B – learn the facts and myths

Are you facing the choice of contract employment or B2B contracts and don’t know what to choose? Are you concerned about health issues? In both cases, the rules are radically different.

Are you planning a recruitment budget for 2024? Optimize costs.

The last quarter of the year is the time for many companies to plan their recruitment budget for the next year. The recent economic crisis has forced many companies to cut and optimize costs. How to budget effectively? What to invest in and what to give up? In the post, you will learn what to pay attention to when planning your 2024 budget and how to optimize recruitment costs.

ATS System – have your personal talent pool with arm’s reach

More and more support and automation capabilities are appearing on the market. This is also the case in the HR industry. However, is it a game worth the candle? Are there HR Tech tools for individual recruiters or only for companies? Learn ways to manage your recruitment processes, no matter where and how you work!

What annoys recruiters the most and why? [RAPORT]

Every industry faces its own problems. Whether it is IT, HR, Marketing or Sales. But do specific groups of professions, such as recruiters, too? After all, the Internet says their lives are strewn with roses, and it’s easy to rebrand. Find out what frustrates recruiters the most – and why?

Employee advocacy – how to encourage employees to become brand ambassadors? [podcast]

Employee advocacy is a relatively new concept in the market. However… What exactly is hidden under this slogan? Is it worthwhile to be interested in such activities? How do they affect the perception of the company by potential customers and employees? In our Talent Story podcast we had the opportunity to raise the issue and hear about the experience of Bartek Ziemiański from Sharebee.

Is Work-life fit a benefit I need?

Corporate cultures have been undergoing quite a transformation in recent years. Remote and hybrid work have already taken root in our system. Our style and also the way we perform our duties has changed. In addition, flexibility plays an increasingly important role in choosing a workplace. If you are looking for a remote and flexible employment opportunity – you will very likely love the concept of work-life fit! It’s no longer a trend, it’s a reality.

Is there a place for HR on Tik Tok? [Interview with Anna Kusa]

More and more new technologies and new tools are entering the HR industry… including for communication. In our Talent Story podcast, we spoke with Anna Kusa (CEO of Rekruterka Radzi) about whether and how HR professionals can find their way on the Tik Tok platform. Are the videos posted by Recruiters gaining attention? How to communicate with Generation Z? Are short videos recorded as part of recruitment and added to resumes the future in recruiting for certain positions? Keep reading to learn more!

Where to seek HR knowledge? Directory of recommended books, podcasts and articles

The acquisition of knowledge today compared to just a few or a dozen years ago is enormously different. The growing number of specialists and changes in the labour market has made it possible for everyone to share their knowledge in the form of course books, articles or audio or video recordings. We have the option of developing through listening or reading, depending on our preference. Today you will see some recommendations of books, podcasts or articles from Talent Place recruiters, among others.