The Candidate’s View: 5 reasons to accept or reject a job offer

A perfectly matched Candidate is the greatest challenge for every recruiter. When the right person joins the recruitment process, goes through all the stages and the employer submits a job offer, an important question arises: are you interested in accepting a job offer? Unfortunately, as many as 1/3 of Candidates quit the process at this point. What to consider before accepting a job offer or declining it in Candidate’s perspective? out about 5 reasons that are crucial for Candidates in this matter.

Reasons for rejection of a job offer – what should you pay attention to?

1. Efficient recruitment process

Simply put: the fewer stages the better! A simple, transparent and dynamic recruitment process is one of the most important factors that have a positive impact on the Candidate’s decision to accept the offer. Recruitment conducted in this way shows the Candidate from the very beginning that the company he applied to is a good employer, meeting the deadlines. When the recruitment is prolonged, new, unannounced stages or recruitment tasks appear, and you have to wait for feedback longer than it was agreed at the beginning, the candidate will most likely lose interest in the company. And then, even if he receives an attractive offer, he may reject it because of an unsatisfactory recruitment process.

2. Communication is the key

The Recruiter-Candidate relationship should be based on honest communication from the very first contact. Expectations towards the future employee, his role in the team, the culture of the organization to which he applied or the values – the more information the candidate receives about the offer at the beginning of the recruitment, the better. Similarly, later in the process – if any stage is prolonged or there is an unexpected change, the recruiter should inform the candidate as soon as possible. Why? Disinformation or lack of feedback from the recruiter negatively affects the candidate experience and, as a result, the decision to start cooperation. Adequate communication is extremely important in any recruitment process, regardless of the industry or position.

3. Offer tailored to the expectations

Changing jobs is associated with a lot of stress and often with leaving the comfort zone. Therefore, the more a company cares about acquiring a given Candidate, the better it should match its offer to his expectations and needs. To do this, first of all, you should get to know the Candidate, find out what their motivations are and why they want to change their job. Thanks to this, the company will be able to prepare a personalized job offer and it is worth highlighting what will be important for a specific candidate . Perhaps he is a young parent and the free kindergarten will turn out to be a key benefit for him? Or does he have a large family and is anxious to have access to an extensive healthcare package? We live in the era of personalization and this also applies to the labor market – if the employer properly adjusts the offer to the Candidate, there is a greater chance that his decision to start cooperation will be positive.

4. Interesting scope of duties

Does the Candidate pay attention only to the benefits and remuneration offered? The answer is no. The possibility of development is the most important motivator for changing jobs for many people. An interesting range of duties will certainly interest your Candidate. It is even more important to emphasize this element not only during the recruitment interview, but also when submitting the offer. In this way, the employer shows that the company he represents is a modern work environment, where there is a chance to implement interesting projects, gain valuable experience and develop competences . It is a great value for Candidates and an incentive to start work in such a place.

5. Change of career path

Transparent career paths in the company are a hallmark of modern organizations and one of the key reasons why a Candidate can respond positively to an employment offer. Already during the recruitment, it is worth discussing this topic and presenting not only what onboarding and the first steps of a new person in the company will look like, but also the possibilities of development in the long term. Thanks to this, the candidate knows the career path and knows exactly what prospects await him in a given organization. If, in addition, these elements coincide with his expectations in the context of development, the better they will influence the decision to start cooperation.

What are the criteria for accepting a job?

Attractive working conditions are not enough to convince a candidate to accept a job offer . Efficient recruitment, honest communication, a well-prepared job offer personalized in terms of expectations, as well as the prospect of interesting duties and a clear career path – take care of these issues to make sure that you hire a candidate you care about. At the same time, you will ensure a positive candidate experience and a good image of the employer – these are the key points to know the secret of how to make a job offer that will attract the right candidates.

Piotr Pawłowski

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