There is a growing need among employees in the labour market today to take care of their mental health – as many as 27% are interested in benefits related to mental wellness and life balance. It is easy to recognize a modern company by meeting this demand, including by offering appropriate benefits.

Work-life fit means more time for employees

At Talent Place, we understand that time for loved ones, relaxation or pursuing one’s passions are priceless. That’s why we promote the concept of work-life fit in our team: matching work with lifestyle. Work-life fit is not only the ability to work from anywhere in the world, with flexible hours but also various forms of cooperation tailored to the employee’s life situation. We understand that everyone works differently and has different work-life priorities – and that as time passes, what is important can change. That’s why we focus on flexicurity, a combination of flexible work and job security, and the idea of work-life fit. Research by American sociologist Phyllis Moen shows that people who work in this way are healthier, more engaged, and less stressed, and the positive effects of this approach are also experienced by their children.

Company house in Alicante – the benefit of the future?

New needs among employees are a signal for employers to adjust the benefits they offer to the new reality. We found out some time ago that “fruit Thursdays” are more a contribution to jokes than an attractive benefit. The pandemic has further exposed the pointlessness of such work allowances. A wisely designed benefit system takes into account the expectations of team members, fits their work style and is attractive. At Talent Place, we promote a flexible and remote working model. We are trying to develop it boldly, so starting this year we are introducing a new benefit that fits well with the work-life fit concept: a company apartment in Alicante, in sunny Spain. It will be used for work as well as relaxation. Not only teams but also employees with their families will be able to benefit.

We believe that the apartment in Spain will be a place for inspiration, integration, fun, but also relaxation. We are a very diverse company and we know that both travel-loving singles and parents, whose children will be able to see that their mom and dad have the best home office in the world, will enjoy the new benefit, says Przemyslaw Kadula, CEO of Talent Place.

We encourage our employees to function in a work-life fit model, where work is adapted to the lifestyle, not the other way around. So we offer flexible hours, 100% remote work and – from now on – the opportunity to perform their duties and quiet their minds in a modern apartment in Spain. So the time has come for employees to take advantage of the new benefit and for management the opportunity to analyze how this benefit will affect the spread of the work-life fit concept within the company.