Talent Pool: Impact of AI on employment in Poland [REPORT]

Spending in 2023 on artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the world will amount to USD 154 billion. This is over 20% of all software costs. The average annual growth rate of investments in AI is to reach 27% and exceed over USD 300 billion in 2030. What impact will the spread of artificial intelligence tools have on the labor market and employment issues? Where to find the best candidates?

Based on many years of cooperation with our clients and the experience of the community of over 200 HR experts, Talent Place develops periodically Talent Pool reports on the most desirable employees on the market. In the latest report, we focused on the pool of available candidates from the IT industry in Poland as a result of the growing interest and the increasingly frequent use of artificial intelligence.

Goal of the report

Talent Pool is a term used by the HR industry to refer to the pool available candidates with the skills required by the company.

The report presents information on 4 roles related to the development of artificial intelligence: Python Developer, AI Engineer, ML Engineer, ML Ops Engineer.

The goal of the reports is to provide answers to business owners
and employees HR departments to questions such as:

  • What financial terms are currently attractive to candidates?
  • What benefits are most often offered in a given position?
  • What is the availability of candidates with relevant experience and skills in the selected area?
  • What are the main reasons for the resignation of candidates from applying?

The report is also a useful resource for candidates who want to know the most frequently offered terms of cooperation for a given position in the industry.

The technological partner of the reports is Skillveo – online training and onboarding platform.

AI Job Market

It is expected that in 2023, spending on the use of AI in the world will amount to USD 154 billion. This is more than 20% of all software costs. On the other hand, the average annual growth rate of investments in AI is to reach 27% and exceed over USD 300 billion in 2030. The European artificial intelligence market is growing steadily despite economic uncertainty, war, inflation and IT budget cuts. Spending on the AI market is estimated to grow by an average of 25.5% each year between 2022 and 2026, to $191 billion in 2026. Analysts predict that the growth will be generated mainly by artificial intelligence-oriented software by 32.4% every year.

Source: Obserwatorfinansowy.pl, CRN.pl

Employment prospects

According to the World Economic Forum, new technologies related to artificial intelligence could result in a net loss of 14 million jobs globally by 2027. The world is projected to gain about 69 million jobs thanks to AI, but 83 million people will lose their jobs due to the development of new technology. AI engineering is one of the most promising industries and now is the perfect time to develop it.

The annual list of new vacancies published by the LinkedIn platform puts the position of artificial intelligence specialist in the first place, which has grown by 74% annually over the last four years. According to an Indeed report, the machine learning engineer ranked number one in the annual list of the top 25 jobs in the US, with a 344% increase in job openings over the last few years and an annual base salary of $146,000. The No Fluff Jobs portal indicated that 68% more people are currently looking for a job related to AI than a year ago. Job offers that require NLP knowledge are searched for as much as 195% more often. There are about 30 to even 80 candidates for each advertisement. In this industry, salaries increased significantly during the year, where it happens that in the case of a B2B contract they offer over PLN 100,000 per month.

AI job market in Poland

In the latest Talent Pool report prepared by Talent Place, the data presents the results of positions such as Python Developer, AI Engineer, ML Engineer and ML Ops Engineer on the labor market in Poland.

Talent Pool & salary in Poland

In 2020, Python was ranked fourth among the programming languages used in the world by professional developers according to data from Stuck Overflow and Bulldogjob.pl. In Poland, there are 54,667 people with experience working as a Python Developer on the market. The remuneration for this position ranges from PLN 5,000 gross for a Junior to PLN 26,000 gross for a Senior in the case of an employment contract. On a B2B contract, these are amounts from 6,000 net to 32,000 net.

There are 13,831 people with experience in this area available for the position of AI Engineer on the market in Poland. Specialists in this field can count on earnings ranging from 5,000 gross for a Junior on an employment contract to 30,000 gross for a Senior. The B2B contract starts from PLN 7,000 net to PLN 36,000 net depending on the seniority level.

There are 14,926 people with experience working as ML Engineers on the Polish market. People with experience in this position earn from PLN 5,000 gross as a Junior to PLN 30,000 gross as a Senior on an employment contract. In the case of a B2B contract, these ranges start from PLN 7,000 net for people with the least experience, up to PLN 35,000 net for specialists.

In Poland, there are 3,982 specialists with experience in working as an ML Ops Engineer. The remuneration for experts in this field is similar to that of an ML Engineer, because the range starts at PLN 5,000 gross on an employment contract for a Junior, and can be up to PLN 35,000 net in the case of a B2B contract for a Senior.

Source: Linkedin – the number of specialists available on the market in Poland

Terms of cooperation

Men make up the vast majority of IT employees, but the share of women is slowly but steadily growing. The most common form of employment in the technology sector is a B2B contract, due to the flexibility it provides the employee and obtaining higher income at the same cost from the company commissioning the work. That is why the most common reasons for the resignation of candidates from applying for a job offer in the IT industry is too low remuneration and the lack of cooperation based on various forms of contract.


According to SAS reports from 2018, 72% of organizations around the world use artificial intelligence in at least one area of their business activity. Over 50% of companies implementing projects using AI achieve success.

On the Polish labor market, the impact of AI will increase the demand for IT experts and will result in the emergence of new positions with a specific specialization along with the spread of tools based on artificial intelligence. The increased amount of generated data will drive the demand for data analysis specialists and software developers.

AI is a solution that should already be used by modern entrepreneurs, both powerful players on the market, as well as small and medium-sized companies. Awareness of the benefits of using artificial intelligence is the way to competitive advantage and business improvement.

Download our full report: TALENT POOL: Python Developer, AI Engineer, ML Engineer, ML Ops Engineer in Poland

Anna Minkisiewicz

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