RPO, scaling and expansion of business into foreign markets

RPO, i.e. outsourcing of recruitment processes, is an increasingly common solution in the face of the need to quickly build new teams in companies. Why? It is associated with lower costs, shorter employment time and the support of internal HR departments. And this is especially important in the case of companies that decide to expand abroad. A different market than the home one means different realities of the labor market, different expectations of Candidates who must be recruited based on the culture of the organization. RPO and business scaling? Company’s international expansion? Recruiting carers from abroad? Find out more!

Recruiting teams abroad

Foreign recruitment is one of the most difficult elements of foreign expansion faced by organizations. Regardless of whether you decide to delegate Polish employees to cooperate with foreign clients or choose to hire people living in the target location, conducting recruitment processes will be a demanding and costly task: both in terms of time and finances. First of all, before your company opens the recruitment process for foreign teams, you need to answer a few important questions:

  • How many people do you need to recruit and for what positions?
  • What will be the tasks of individual specialists?
  • What goals will be achievable for these people?
  • What distinguishes the company and makes people want to work in it?
  • What salary will be appropriate for the roles you are looking for in your market?

In addition, there are issues such as the necessary documentation or onboarding new employees. Internal HR departments may turn out to be insufficient in the face of such a complex challenge as the quick recruitment of new teams outside Poland. Therefore, in the event of entering the foreign market, companies decide to cooperate with recruitment agencies: they delegate individual recruitment processes or hire a team of experienced recruiters exclusively.

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RPO and expansion into foreign markets

It is worth considering which HR solutions will work best during expansion into foreign markets. Is it better to turn the whole process into a few individual orders or hire a team of recruiters and entrust them with the performance of as many jobs as the company currently needs? In this case, the RPO recruitment, i.e. an exclusive team of recruiters, will be much better.

RPO is the most effective and profitable solution in the face of a large recruitment need – and this is exactly what companies that decide to go beyond the domestic market face. RPO allows organizations to scale processes quickly and efficiently. Your HR department then receives the support of experienced recruiters with knowledge of the industry, local market and language in which candidates communicate, ready to act after a short introduction to the business goals of the organization.

Therefore, RPO allows for more efficient integration, faster implementation of recruiters in projects, and also provides access to the necessary tools, contact networks and databases. Not to mention the scaling of activities so as to meet the changing needs of the company and keep up with the dynamics that accompanies expansion into the foreign market.

In addition, data analysis and reports provided by RPO teams allow companies to evaluate project progress on an ongoing basis and help optimize and standardize recruitment processes. The key issue of finance for many companies cannot be ignored: RPO means lower costs for the company compared to the traditional project model of cooperation. Recruitment processes carried out in the RPO model are transparent, tailored to the needs and constantly improved, thanks to which it is even 2 to 5 times cheaper service compared to the traditional model of cooperation with an agency, depending on the number of jobs.

However, the Ombudsman does not only mean financial benefits. A dedicated team of recruiters in your company are people experienced in the industry, who have completed similar projects for clients from around the world. Thanks to this, they know which practices will turn out to be optimal for your company and which are not worth using.

Recruiting carers from abroad with RPO

In addition, RPO recruiters will support your HR department on a daily basis and help you systematize processes such as onboarding, career paths or the employee benefits system. Professional search and hiring of talents is also an excellent Employer Branding for your company and building a positive image in the eyes of foreign clients. Cooperation between the RPO and HR experts is a good way to reach candidates quickly, at a lower cost, with the certainty that talents will be adapted to the company’s culture and their skills will develop the entire organization.

The high quality of Candidates and the speed of closing processes are other arguments that the RPO is the best help in scaling your business and expansion into foreign markets. A qualified team of recruiters, equipped with unique tools, conducts jobs from A to Z, engaging in the preparation of strategies, sourcing and matching the recommendations of candidates to the specifics of the company’s operations and business goals. It is important especially in the case of investors or companies going beyond the domestic market. The huge recruitment needs of both, need not only efficient closure, but also ensuring that dedicated HR solutions will allow them to hire the entire team or teams on time. RPO from Talent Place allows organizations to quickly and seamlessly scale their employment opportunities.

Piotr Pawłowski

Recruiting carers from abroad

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