Is Work-life fit a benefit I need?

Company cultures have been undergoing quite a transformation in recent years. Remote and hybrid work have already taken root in our system. Our style and also the way we perform our duties has changed. In addition, flexibility is playing an increasingly important role in choosing where to work. High inflation and the stagnation in the market make us reflect and look for new solutions. Often, in order not to sacrifice our standard of living, we are inclined to change jobs or take on additional projects. If you’re looking for a remote and flexible employment opportunity – you’re very likely to love the concept of work-life fit! It’s no longer a trend, it’s a reality.

What is Work-life fit?

The Work-life fit concept is about matching work with private life. It includes a response to the current needs of the labor market and changing priorities over time. Why? Time zone does not play a role. Working remotely you can work from anywhere in the world and at a time of the day convenient for you regardless of your duties and needs, such as going to the office or doctor’s office without any problems, taking the children to school, etc. Are you an owl? Lark? There will be space and development opportunities for everyone. Psychologists from the APA Center for Organizational Excellence and also work transformation strategist Cali Williams have spoken out about the benefits of work-life fit abroad.

Work-life fit allows you to organize your work in such a way that you can achieve your goals (not only professional ones). Each hobby requires different amounts of energy, time and even the time of day dedicated to pursuing it. A workplace that values flexibility allows you to combine your personal interests with your career development, without having to choose between one or the other. WLF also means more time to realize yourself as a parent. The concept is definitely one of facilitating the fight against occupational burnout which is now affecting more and more people.

Who is work-life fit benefit for?

Remote work and flexible working hours, or so-called flexicurity, are an expected daily reality. Work-life fit will benefit all employees, especially those who value time savings and the convenience of working from home. It is no longer a benefit, but a full-fledged part of the corporate culture of many companies. It is predicted that more and more companies will begin to shift to working in such a model (read about recruitment trends for 2023). By working in accordance with the WLF, Talent Place employees can enjoy the company’s benefit of an apartment in Alicante throughout the year and go on workation with their team or family.

Work-life fit vs. parenthood

Definitely, the opportunity to work in such a model will benefit all parents, as well as pregnant women who want to work as a freelancer. Work-life fit will give you the chance to spend more time with your child in the early years of his development, and in the later years to drop off or pick up from school and extracurricular activities without stress. That’s the kind of opportunity moms at Talent Place love.

Research on work-life fit

About 2022, we conducted a study on work-life fit model. They showed that handling private matters during work time, is only possible in exceptional cases in almost half of the companies (49%). Difficulties in terms of starting a family/parenting were indicated by one in four respondents (24%). Reasons for these difficulties include inflexible workplace (44%), financial issues (39%) or inflexible working hours (36%). The situation is similar when it comes to employees developing their interests: work made it difficult to develop interests, as much as one in three respondents (36%) – which clearly shows that flexibility is one of the basic needs last year. In 2023, the trend is expected to increase even further. You can read the report of the entire survey “Current work model in companies, and the work-life fit system” HERE.

WLF is for me?

Is work-life fit the solution you need? The answer depends on the person to whom the question is addressed, as each of us has different priorities.

For many people, it is a convenience and time-saver. For others, the possibility of timing the calendar under family and company obligations. Many people love what they do, so they are willing to take on additional projects outside of their regular jobs to gain more sincere experience. The WLF is often the only option for young people who are studying full time and want to gain practical skills in an organization. Travel maniacs, they don’t have to wonder if there will be enough vacation time for all their planned trips. There are also, of course, people who don’t see the benefit of the work-life fit benefit, because they like to work strict hours in a designated place, and take care of private matters after their work.

The answer to this question of whether WLF is a benefit you need is entirely up to you and your preferences.

Patrycja Cieślik

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