Reclaim your time – minimalist lifestyle & how to say stop [Interview with Michał Barczak – CEO at outspace]

We often think about time in a negative way – there is not enough time, it passes too quickly. We answer friends’ suggestions – “I can’t / I don’t have time”. This is the moment to look at your relationship with time. Introduce minimalism into everyday life to find space for what is most suitable for you.

Is there a chance to schedule the time perfectly?

It seems that only a good plan allows you to act effectively and control time. When less is more? How to manage yourself in time to develop in accordance with your own needs? What to do to become more productive?

To talk about timing and proper planning , we invited Michał Barczak – owner of a marketing agency, an entrepreneur committed to educating young people and introducing them to the job market. Michał knows the issues of optimizing activities very well. The method that worked best for him was related to minimalism.

Learn insights on motivation, the philosophy of minimalism, and the art of letting go.

What is your relationship with time?

Is it possible to have a relationship with time? What does it look? Michał asks such a question not only in the courses he conducts, but also in his book – “Find the time”. Each of us should have a proven productivity system. All activities around time – whether we respect it, plan it, divide it into spheres of life, spend it on development or rest – it all defines us and our attitude to time. However, the issue of time management is a difficult task and requires the right attitude.

Where is minimalism hiding?

Self-development is not a natural activity, because none of us is forced to expand our skills. Intuitively, we are not taught to try new things. Minimalism is largely about finding areas where you feel comfortable and staying there. Our comfort zone is an oasis for us. It is often good to persist in it, accepting what is within our personal boundaries.

Minimalism in the context of productivity means selecting priorities and focusing only on the key ones. Productivity has no right to work if we don’t have a plan for it. Giving up on goals that are not a real priority or are unrealistic for us is the right decision. Such tasks should be removed from the to-do list. In this way, we don’t think about what we have to do in this direction. We do not waste time and energy on topics that are inconvenient and inappropriate for us. It is a space for new resources that allow us to continue operating.

How to embrace time?

We have created a short list of tips and tools to help you plan your tasks efficiently.

  • Long-term planning is key
  • The Getting Things Done theory indicates to break down complex and time-consuming tasks into short-term goals
  • Giving up things that are not a priority – outdated tasks on the list are removed
  • Clearing the stream of thoughts – writing out all ideas/tasks on a piece of paper
  • Perform short tasks right away
  • Working in time blocks/tracking – affects performance. This principle eliminates thinking about the task all day, because we really focus on it for a certain period of time. For example, 25 minutes with the timer set. Here Pomodoro can be a supporting tool.

However, it should be remembered that the most important thing in planning tasks is focus. If we do it too chaotically, we will fall into a trap. This will be such a long activity that, as a result, will take up time that could already be used to perform our duties.

Does everything we do have to be perfect?

Today’s tools and social media require getting rid of filters and overlays to present reality with more truthfulness. An example of much greater authenticity is TikTok, where videos are undirected and shot by hand with imperfect light. They are now generating a large number of followers. This format arouses much more interest, people want to identify and interact with it.

It’s not always about everything being perfect. The authenticity of a given format is often appreciated. What counts is commitment and what we want to convey.

Is minimalism profitable?

In the outspace agency, much greater profits were obtained through the use of minimalism. A number of services were removed from the company’s portfolio and the number of employees was reduced. Some customers have heard a refusal. The goal was to focus on what is effective and brings tangible benefits to both parties. Minimalism translated into measurable results and increased revenue in the company. It was also a way to find inner peace and time to realize private dreams.

Malwina Perkowska

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