Talent Pooling App – What is it? How does it work?

Talent Pooling App is a connection between recruiters, candidates and employers based on the use of AI and Machine Learning. The tool allows recruiters to work individually on their private candidate base, increase their efficiency and chances of generating revenue from their relationships. Check out how the Talent Pooling App.

Talent Pooling App – for whom?

Talent Pooling App is an ideal tool for recruiters who want to advance in their careers and automate their work to achieve the best results.

Thanks to the application and contact database, the user will gain the opportunity for an additional source of revenue, thanks to the ability to recommend their candidates to external projects. By maintaining lasting relationships with candidates and recommending them for processes consistent with their experience, a recruiter creates own personal brand and a valuable asset to draw upon over the years.

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Key features

  • Your personal candidate database – all in one automated place. You can organize and maintain relationships with candidates.
  • Your private ATS – access to a personalized base that you can use throughout your career. You do not lose access to resources when your cooperation with a particular company ends.
  • Marketplace for recommending candidates – you will find a range of projects for recommending quality candidates to generate additional revenue, whether you are a freelance recruiter or work in an internal recruiting department.

Thanks to the application, you will take care of the high quality of the recruitment process and lasting relationships with candidates, thanks to which you will create a valuable base that you will be able to use over the years, creating your own brand in recruitment.


Sign up for the Talent Pooling App and automate your work.

  1. Manage Talent Pool – build and manage your base in one place throughout your career
  2. Autotagging – artificial intelligence will add tags for you to your candidates, tagging them with key information from the uploaded CV file
  3. Matching – AI system will automatically match candidates to projects based on the resulting tags in your database
  4. Recruitments – use the tool as your personal ATS and track the progress of your projects
  5. Chrome extension – with the Chrome browser plug-in, you can use the app for sourcing on popular social networks
  6. Import Candidates – you can conveniently add your candidates to the database using import from a pdf, excel or word file;
  7. Statistic – analyze your work and improve results with clear data


Clear and intuitive to keep you informed about the most important achievements in your work

  1. Statistics by month, quarter, year – monitor your performance and check your earnings in ongoing projects
  • The current number of candidates in the recruitment process
  • Number of new applicants in the system
  • Number of candidates hired
  • My commission
  1. Popular tags – get information about which professionals you have the most in your candidate base, an ideal breakdown of #it and #non-it roles;
  2. Reminders – set alerts about the most important events, tasks for both candidates and projects
  3. Finder – type in the keyword you are interested in and with one click find the information you need
  4. Notifications – the system will automatically notify you of news and updates, both in the application and recruitment processes
  5. Request for help – get help if a problem arises in your application

Need more information? Watch our tutorial ๐Ÿ‘‡

Talent Pooling App – Tutorial 01 – Dashboard


Seamless import of resumes along with a database of tagged candidates, will provide you with automatic matching of candidates to projects

  1. Work with candidates – build relationships and stay in touch with your base
  2. Consent for data processing – an extremely important RODO issue that your application can do for you by sending an email to the candidate asking for consent to participate in external recruitments
  3. Adding a CV – the entire candidate profile in one place. Don’t have a CV? It is not mandatory to add them. You can also add tags manually to make sure your candidate is tagged with all key data

Need more information? Watch our tutorial ๐Ÿ‘‡

Talent Pooling App – Tutorial 02 – Candidates

Candidate Profiles

Stay up to date with your candidates’ recruitment history

  • Parser CV – Add a resume and watch as the system automatically tags your candidate
  • Basic information – all information is in compliance with RODO
  • Tags -check which recruitments your candidate fits into with automated matching with open designs using machine learning
  • Comment about the candidate – note your own observations and updates about the person
  • Candidate anonymization -if your candidate withdraws consent for data processing, this information will be included in the profile
  • Candidate Profile Update History – create and check a person’s career history
  • Information about recruitment processes – check the status of recruitment processes in which your candidate is participating

Need more information? Watch our tutorial ๐Ÿ‘‡

Talent Pooling App – Tutorial 03 – Candidate Profiles


Manage recruitment and refer your candidates to other processes to earn additional compensation

  • List of your recruitments – have full control over all the recruitments you
  • External Recruiting – recommend your candidates to Talent Place projects and partners, increase your chance for extra money
  • Add external recruiting to your list – are you open to new projects and want to complete recruiting for Talent Place or partners? Just add it to your list
  • Create your recruitment – add your recruitments by entering information about the job title, client, attaching files and links to ads, and then check the progress of the project

Need more information? Watch our tutorial ๐Ÿ‘‡

Talent Pooling App – Tutorial 04 – Recruitment


Be sure you won’t forget anything, thanks to the function – reminders in the app.

  • Add reminders
  • List of all reminders broken down by today, this week and all
  • Mark whether the reminder is completed or not
  • Reminders after the deadline are marked in red “After time”

Need more information? Watch our tutorial ๐Ÿ‘‡

Talent Pooling App – Tutorial 05 – Reminders

Stay current in the world of HR, automate your work, recommend candidates and earn!

We look forward to feedback from first-time users to modify the app for your needs ๐Ÿš€ More information and communication happening on Slack! Join our community of recruiters!

Anna Minkisiewicz

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