Talent Pooling App – How to get a bonus?

Talent Pooling App is your personal ATS throughout your career and the opportunity to earn money by recommending candidates for external projects. Are you a Recruiter? Do you have your own candidate base? Take advantage of its potential! Earn a referral bonus! Check out how easy it is!

Talent Pooling App

Talent Pooling App is a personal database of candidates – your private ATS and an opportunity to earn by recommending candidates. The application is designed to make it easier for recruiters to work individually on their own candidate base and increase their efficiency and thus their chances of generating revenue from their relationships.

With the application, you as a recruiter will ensure a high quality recruitment process and lasting relationships with candidates. You will create a valuable base that you can use over the years to create your own brand in recruitment.

How to get the bonus?

Sign up for the Talent Pooling App and take advantage of the option to refer candidates to external projects, increasing your chances of getting the extra bonus you deserve. Your personal contact database is an unlimited opportunity to connect candidates with employers so that together they realize their mutual potential.

What to do to get the bonus?

Log in to your Talent Pooling App account. Go to the “Recruitment” tab and select “TalentPlace Recruitment.” There you will find a list of all open positions in ongoing projects. Join projects you’re interested in, refer candidates and increase your opportunities to earn additional compensation with your candidate base.

  1. Recommend a Candidate to the Project
  2. The Customer accepts the Recommendation
  3. Receive a Recommendation Bonus
  4. Candidate starts Work
  5. Receive the Employment Bonus

You will receive the bonus in two cases:

  1. “Accepted recommendation” – when the candidate is moved to the status of “Recommendation Approved” – the Client accepts the Candidate and involves him in the recruitment process on his side
  2. “Hired” – in the case of transition of the Candidate to the status of “Employed” – after the Candidate starts working for the Client

Bonus amount – How much can I earn?

The bonus for referring and hiring a candidate is determined on an individual basis. The amounts that the Recruiter will receive are given indyvidually for each available recruit in the system. The project’s bonuses are influenced by factors such as seniority, the available pool of candidates and the salary offered for the position.

  • In the case of settlements under a contract of mandate – the rate quoted in the system is the gross amount
  • In the case of the settlement of a B2B contract – the rate quoted in the system is the net amount + VAT

When do I get paid?

The bonus will be paid within 41 days of the last day of the month in both cases involving bonus earning opportunities. When the status of “Recommendation approved” was accepted in the system. The same in the case where the Candidate has been transferred to the status of ,,Employed” in the system.

Basis for payment of referral bonus

Depending on the form of cooperation, remuneration will be paid based on the documents provided by the Recruiters. When the basis for payment first appears in the system, the Recruiter must provide us with the relevant information.

  • In the case of assignment contracts – the Recruiter will receive a questionnaire from the Service Provider to fill out in order to sign an assignment contract.
  • In the case of B2B cooperation – the Recruiter must provide a properly prepared invoice.

IMPORTANT – changes in employment / taxpayer status

The Recruiter is obliged to inform immediately the Service Provider about any changes in employment or tax payer status before the payment of the referral bonus. Otherwise, the Service Provider will pay the referral bonus according to the information provided by the Recruiter at the risk and cost of the Recruiter

Earn with Talent Pooling App

If you haven’t joined the app yet, now is the perfect time to join our community and enjoy all the benefits of the Talent Pooling App.

Benefits of joining the app:

  • Get the bonus you deserve
  • Harness the potential of your network of contacts
  • Automate your work with AI and Machine Learning
  • Create your personal brand
  • Take advantage of a private ATS

Register here ▶ Talent Pooling App

Stay current in the world of HR, automate your work, recommend candidates and earn!

We look forward to your feedback to improve the application for your needs. For more information on the app and talent pooling model, visit Slack. Join our community of recruiters and don’t miss any updates.

Anna Minkisiewicz

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