Become a recruiter! How to plan the re-branding process

Every year more and more people decide to change their career. The Interest is focused on many industries, one of the most popular being IT. However, HR and marketing also are a not-inconsiderable flow of juniors. Do you crave new challenges? Does your profession no longer give you as much satisfaction as it once did? Are you looking for a new path? Thinking about becoming a recruiter and wondering how to change your career properly? You’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to get some useful information about this.

Is the HR industry something for you

HR, or human resources, is the department that deals with personnel related matters in the organization. Depending on the company’s structure, its role is more or less complex. Always, however, the functions performed are distributed around the Human Resources Management. Gone are the situations straight out of the communist era, when the lady from HR held the whole business in her hands and it depended on her mood when our case would be settled. Nowadays, the ideal HR professional is able to reconcile both the interests of the employee and the organization he represents, being professional, and impartial, but also friendly. Only then the employee is happy would turn to him for help.

One of the roles of modern HR is also talent acquisition. This is a profession that is often chosen in the re-branding process.

I will introduce you to the characteristics of an ideal Recruiter below.

What qualities should a recruiter have?

The right attitude and personality is half the battle in almost every aspect of life, including recruitment. I will now introduce you to some of the qualities that a person serious about this profession and planning to change careers should have.


  • Communicativeness and openness – you like people and enjoy working with them.
  • Kindness – you are able to relate to another person in a polite manner, even in difficult situations.
  • Curiosity – you are eager to gain knowledge in new areas.
  • The ability to work under stress while multitasking in the role – You are comfortable in a fast-paced and demanding work environment.
  • Commitment to standards– details are important to you and you pay attention to the work you do; procedures are guideposts and you have no problem following them.
  • Great Time Management- you are able to decide which tasks are the most important and set the work so that everything gets done.
  • If you fit into this description, you definitely have the potential to find yourself in the role of a Recruiter.

If you fit into this description, you definitely have the potential to find yourself in the role of a Recruiter. So what’s next?

What do you need to know before you start your first project?

You already know what qualities should a recruiter have. Now, answer the question of why you are interested in this career path.  Working in recruitment may seem like a very simple task, but the reality is different.

First of all, you must have an excellent understanding of the needs of the company you are recruiting for and know the tools used to attract a candidate. Whether you are working in an agency or a so-called “agency”. in-house, you should know what experience and qualities a candidate needs for the position you are recruiting for. Managers are always willing to share this information, but it is worth seeking it out on your own as well. The Internet is a tremendous source of information, and on portals such as Indeed: Jobs, job listings and Glassdoor Job Search | You Deserve a Job that Loves You back cool stories about each position.

Secondly, a proper substantive knowledge. It is worth using HR knowledge base. Here’s some inspiration on where to get one.

Where to get inspiration and where to look for knowledge?

Perhaps you have friends around you working in the HR industry who could tell you about the most important matters. If you do not have such acquaintances –  look around. Perhaps someone will inspire you,  you will read an article about HR and decide that this is “something for you”. Whatever it is, be curious!

How to get started?

There are many opportunities to gain HR knowledge. Moreover, we are fortunate enough that nowadays on the market you can find many job opportunities for people who are just starting out in HR.

Where to get your first experience? 

If you are a student, you might consider an internship in HR/Talent Acquisition. If you just want to reinvent yourself, find people to be your Mentors! It is best to learn from those who have gone through a similar path. In addition, if you can’t afford to just study, it’s a good idea to start as an assistant, administrator or recruitment coordinator. This way you will get to the source, and your hard work will eventually be recognized with a promotion.

Changing jobs is often paralyzing. The unknowns, uncertainties of the market, and lack of experience, frequently hold us back from taking a step that may ultimately prove to be a hit.

Read, watch, learn, and success will be at your door! Find out more about what is crowdstaffing.

Anna Gajos

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