Where to seek HR knowledge? Directory of recommended books, podcasts and articles

The acquisition of knowledge today compared to just a few or a dozen years ago is enormously different. The growing number of specialists and changes in the labour market have made it possible for everyone to share their HRknowledge in the form of course books, articles or audio or video recordings. We have the option of developing through listening or reading, depending on our preference. Today you will see some recommendations of books, podcasts or articles from Talent Place recruiters, among others. Fruitful learning!

Best HR books according to Talent Place recruiters

Books play an important role in education, but also in more than that. They provide entertainment, help improve competence or develop knowledge on various topics. Including from the HR area! Candidate experience, recruitment tools, feedback or books in the field of communication… Our Talent Place recruiters decided to share their favourite HR books.

Candidate Experience. Jeszcze kandydat czy już klient? (M. Gojtkowska)

The book talks about the topic of Candidate Experience – that is, the candidate’s experience during the recruitment process and contact with the employer. It is based on knowledge and experience before applying, during the recruitment process and experience after the process. From this book you will learn why it is so important. And you’ll find models and tools to build the best possible candidate experience.

Evidence-based recruitment and selection. 33 zasady skutecznego naboru pracowników (P. Prokopowicz)

You will find in it the most important elements of the recruitment, selection process. Discusses topics such as:

Psychology of recruitment, selection; job analysis vs. competency modelling; job performance, job performance measurements; psychometric tests; behavioural research during candidate selection; data collection, combination.

Bądź Agile. Zwinnie o HR i Employer Brandingu (O. Żółkiewicz, M. Olszewski, M. Czarnecki)

It addresses the topic of agility and how to introduce and apply it in industries other than IT, in this case, HR and Employer Branding. Explains what agile looks like in HR and EB. He presents examples of companies that work in this style and gives tips that will be useful when implementing agile in your organization.

Employer Branding po polsku (U. Zając – Pałdyna)

From this book you will learn that employer branding activities do not have to be expensive at all. The cost may even be very low. The book also includes information on how to make a mediocre company into a company that has “that something” that will make employees want to come to it, act, stay longer… And no, it’s not Fruit Mondays.

Basics of sourcing – Super Source Me (K. Tang and K. Latus)

This is a book for people who are beginning their adventure in sourcing. However, it is not just for beginners. Experienced recruiters can use it to organize or refresh their HR knowledge.

Lepszy pracodawca (Z. Machnicka)

This shows that authentic employer branding today is in high demand in the market. How do you create a company’s communication to show authenticity in it – that is, as it really is?

Books oscillating on the subject of HR, EB or recruitment are numerous. There is something for everyone. Depending on whether you prefer to learn only about Employer Branding or only about Recruitment, how about everything?

The best podcasts for the HR industry

Probably everyone already knows what podcasts are, in Poland they are becoming more and more popular among listeners and creators every year. They can be run by anyone, you just need to have an idea and use it. Ahead of you is a list of those that will allow you to learn about HR topics in more depth.

HR Changers

Talent Place podcast about the modern job market. Meetings with leaders of organizations that are not afraid of change and risk. They set trends in the HR industry.

Talent Story

This is the second podcast created by Talent Place You will hear conversations about trends in HR, recruitment, management, organizational culture, personal development and business with experts in these fields.


A podcast addressing the topic of people at work. Are they the same at work as outside of it? Or quite different? How to better deal with people at work?

Głos HR

A podcast covering HR topics in a nutshell. You will find interviews with experts, case studies.

Porozmawiajmy o HR

He touches on evidence-based HR, as well as analytics, processes, strategy in human resources.

HR na szpilkach

A podcast about human resources and payroll hosted by Monika Smulewicz. In his episodes, he mentions employment contracts, vacations, remote work, and labor law, among other topics.

Podcasts have the advantage that you can listen to them at virtually any time during the day. In the car, on a walk, while cleaning or cooking. They are run by companies but also by freelancers or enthusiasts.

Articles to help you learn the basics and tips in the HR and recruitment industry

Many companies have blogs on their sites where they share their knowledge. It is worth visiting them, because you can really find a lot of expert knowledge there completely free of charge! At Talent Place, we are also happy to share our know-how in this way. Below you will find HR articles written by our experts, which can be an ideal addition to your knowledge of recruitment methods and tools, communication and much more. And if you’re at the beginning of your journey, all the more reason to take a look at the recommended materials!

Among the HR articles highlighted in this post are glossaries: HR and IT recruiter, will give you an overview of the basic vocabulary used in the industry. From the rest, you’ll learn, among other things, how technical knowledge relates to recruitment, and whether or not a recruiter must have it? You’ll read about researching the needs and motivations of candidates, as well as how to create messages that will catch the eye. Thanks to them, your messages will be more attractive to potential participants in the recruitment process and you will also better define their needs or, for example, their motivation to change jobs.

HR Glossary:

Recruitment vs. IT knowledge:

How to prepare for an interview with an IT candidate:

IT recruiter’s glossary:

How to create messages to candidates:

How to research the needs and motivation of candidates:

Where else can you gain HR knowledge?

The books, podcasts and HR articles we have presented are only a really small substitute for what you can find online or in bookstores. The ability to conduct research will open the door for you to become a specialist in HR, EB or recruitment. If you prefer to learn with someone, you can take advantage of training courses, workshops conducted by experts in the form of stationary or online. At Talent Place, we also provide such IT recruitment training for recruiters. Postgraduate studies are also one additional option. If you’re interested in time flexibility and an online format, e-learning platforms such as Skillveo are worth considering.

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