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Recruitment Process Outsourcing is gaining great popularity as a service adapted to the speed and intensity of changes in the labor market. What matters is flexibility and response time to get the right candidates.

If your company needs to hire a lot of specialists in a short period of time, but doesn’t have the spare capacity of the HR department, this solution may be perfect for you. Read the whole article and learn how you can efficiently and effectively achieve success with RPO model.

What is an RPO?

In its simplest definitionRecruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a basic form of business process outsourcing, in which an employer outsources its recruitment processes to an outside entity, in this case an agency, to perform all or selected employment processes.

How is RPO different from a traditional recruitment service?

The classic collaboration with a recruitment agency is to have the agency search for and present suitable job candidates to the employer. Success is when the employer selects the candidate presented by the agency for employment.

In the RPO modelan agency recruiter becomes part of an employer’s recruitment department, and thus operates under the employer’s brand. The RPO recruiter assumes all or most of the responsibilities for conducting the recruitment process. Thus, this is a much broader service than simply finding and presenting candidates, as in a classic recruitment partnership. In addition, the service is paid for on a subscription basis, rather than per candidate recommended and hired, as in the case of recruitment itself.

When to use the RPO?

RPO’s services are used by both large multinational corporations and small startups that are in the rapid development phase and need expert recruitment support.

It is also ideal for:

  • a company that has an increased demand for employees, but it is only periodic. It is often impossible or unprofitable to hire a new employee for the HR department for this time,
  • a small company that does not have its own recruitment department and needs a professional hiring process,
  • company that feels their current recruitment processes are ineffective,
  • a company that is entering the Polish market and needs to create its core team.

Form of cooperation

Cooperation in the RPO model is flexible in terms of time. It can last a month, a quarter or a year of time. In addition, it can be a full-time or part-time person.

This flexibility also applies to the scope of cooperation – whether you entrust the RPO Recruiter with all the processes or only a select few, the whole thing is up to you. The scope of the service itself may concern, only the sourcing and recruitment itself, but also the support of hiring managers in recruitment interviews, or passing on the job offer to selected candidates and setting up the onboarding process, up to tasks related to employer branding.

It is worth adding here that the hired RPO Recruiter works for you on an exclusive basis. This is an advantage over standard cooperation with a recruitment agency, during which the Recruiter usually conducts multiple projects simultaneously for different clients.

Outsourcing recruitment processes at Talent Place

By collaborating in the RPO model with Talent Place, you do not lose control over the recruitment process. From the very beginning, the employer establishes with the RPO Recruiter his expectations, goals and principles of cooperation. The recruiter gets to know the culture of the organization, the processes, as well as the managers themselves – he becomes part of the organization. Based on his experience, he selects the appropriate tools and technologies so that the entire process is optimized to the maximum.

An RPO recruiter is a person with extensive experience in recruitment processes, usually specialized in a specific industry. In our resources you can find specialists in IT, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, SSC/BPO and international recruitment, among others.

RPO benefits for your company with Talent Place

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), results in the establishment of a long-term company-agency relationship, with many benefits that are lacking in occasional cooperation.

  • The RPO recruiter takes responsibility for the efficiency, timeliness and progress of the process,
  • You are assured that the entire process will be carried out professionally and in accordance with the latest market trends,
  • Thanks to the recruiter’s experience, processes run faster and process costs are optimized as much as possible,
  • You will get support in other personnel processes such as employer branding and onboarding,
  • You do not create a new full-time position in the organization, as the recruiter is hired and you receive an invoice for the service,
  • No need to create an additional workstation – the service is performed remotely,
  • recruiters already have their own work tools, including an account on LinkedIn for recruiters,
  • you get a professional specialized in recruiting candidates for specific jobs,
  • unique value is created by access to the agency’s talent pool, which is an active database of candidates, making it possible to recommend the ideal candidate in as little as 7 days.

Why is it worth it?

This is a modern business strategy, adapted to the demands of the market. Enables efficient acquisition of valuable employees. Not only multinational corporations, but also small businesses are choosing to outsource recruitment. This is a suitable form of cooperation for any form of business that needs support in hiring employees. The benefits of agency support are numerous: saving time and money, efficiency, as well as access to expertise that ensures the success of the entire process and efficiency.

Ewelina Pouboczko-Sokal

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