When and why should your company change recruitment agencies?

In Poland, we have nearly 8,000 registered employment agencies, personnel consultancies and employment intermediaries. Competition in the market is considerable. However, is every agency able to perform professional recruitment for us? Unfortunately, no. The reasons that lead to the decision to change recruitment service providers are indeed many. From the financial issue to the lack of implementation of mandated recruitment processes. It is useful to know the standards and guidelines for selecting the right cooperation partner. Let’s take a look at the most common signals that indicate it’s time to find a new recruiting partner.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing – future solution

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is gaining great popularity as a service adapted to the speed and intensity of changes in the labor market. What matters is flexibility and response time to get the right candidates. If your company needs to hire a lot of specialists in a short period of time, but doesn’t have the spare capacity of the HR department, this solution may be perfect for you.