How to look for a job if you do not have much experience?

Today there are many opportunities for candidates looking for work – advances in technology, the increasingly available hybrid, remote work model, open job markets. There seems to be a place for everyone. Looking for a job is a kind of project, and it’s worth putting in the effort to find a suitable model or organization.

Everyone once sought their first job experience

It is impossible to become a job search specialist overnight. If you are looking for your first job or have little experience, the following content will show you some practical ways to find an interesting first job.

Everyone is a different unique mix of different aptitudes and skills. The first step you can take in your job search is to gain insight into yourself – create a kind of mind map on which you can write out the answers to the questions you have posed to yourself, for example: 

  • What kind of education I have,
  • What languages do I know,
  • What areas interest me,
  • What experience I have so far – employment, ongoing projects, participation in study circles,
  • What skills I have – physical, office, equipment,
  • What additional activities I always take part in,
  • How I spend my leisure time,
  • Whether I am active or subdued,
  • Whether I’m social or aloof,
  • What people inspire me,
  • What content – articles/books I read most often,
  • What drives/motivates me.

While the game seems trivial, it will allow you to easily create a draft resume based on your own competencies.

Creating a resume

On the web, we can choose between many templates and wizards for creating resumes. Even in the popular Canva tool, the option to create a resume is already available. If there is a category in the template you have chosen that you do not have content for – create your own in its place. It is not worth being discouraged by this. Categories can be related to interests, they will allow you to describe yourself from the perspective of the predispositions and qualities you possess. Such a section may have elements of a cover letter. It is important to be sincere and not coloured.

Job search portals for acquiring contacts and searching for jobs

Profile on LinkedIn

With your resume prepared, you can move on to creating a profile on Linkedin. This is a social networking platform for active people. We should put as much care into creating a profile as we do in preparing a resume – building the appropriate sections, in addition, for example, pasting links to content we created online (if we have, for example, youtube recordings, write our own blog, run a particular social channel for a while, etc.). Because LinkedIn helps in many ways to connect us with potential employers and recruiters. We can help ourselves by giving the algorithm hints – look for companies, profiles, business figures that inspire you and observe them. Invite friends from college or previous jobs, and add relevant keywords to your profile. LinkedIn allows you to publish job offers, in the classifieds section. Most often, the ones displayed immediately are personalized for your experience and positions. If you are looking for something different, you can easily browse the entire database of proposals.

Where else should you go when looking for a job?

Among job search portals, in Poland The most popular is The platform also encourages you to build your professional profile there – identical to your resume – and attach the document. This makes it easier to apply to search and match ads.

How to find the right job ads?

In creating the mind map, you focused on identifying our resources. Now you will use the same key to search for announcements. If your forte is a particular foreign language – type it into the search engine without the job title – as you browse through the list with positions, match your ad choice with your other strengths or aptitudes.

Remember that given the option of working “fully remote”, you do not have to limit yourself to one city in your searches.

Sometimes a unique feature when looking for a job may be the availability to work non-standard hours (e.g. evening shifts, night shifts, weekends).

Development and motivation

Nowadays, a very important issue is motivation and openness to change. The “it’s up to” attitude. If you want to open yourself up to new opportunities that are currently out of your reach – consider getting a new qualification, such as completing a course, or earning a certificate, according to your professional interests.

Mom at work

Young mothers may be particularly attracted to places with a work-life fit culture – such a place is, for example, the Talent Place. I personally came across the company through the mamopracuj portal – I recommend looking through the offers available there.

Heads up!

The tip at the end is from life – if you feel that the job search is overwhelming you, then come forward for help…. Surely in your circle of friends, or friends of our friends i.e. 2nd degree contacts, there is a recruiter – to whom you can write asking for some tips or a moment to talk. Don’t be discouraged if someone doesn’t write back right away. Persistence and creativity in the job search pay off.

Malwina Perkowska

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