How is work-life fit changing the approach to work? [Ligia Serwinowska]

What was your career path before you came to Talent Place?

In 2015, I started working as a Junior Learning Services Specialist in a corporation. At the time, I was happy to work in an international team, meet many people from different backgrounds and use a foreign language in practice every day. It was a typical work mode at the time – 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, daily office work. Standard – 30 minutes for lunch and every hour 5 minutes break from the monitor. Plus the appropriate dress code. Everyone was assigned their own place in the office. I thought to myself that this is typical, that this is what it must be like to work in a corporation. At times I even had scenes from TV series depicting such work before my eyes! Later years, however, showed me that it was possible to do things differently…. And I felt relieved.

Moving on to the next company, still as an inexperienced person, I got a shock – 2 days a week working from home, a beautiful, modern office and a much looser atmosphere. It suited me just fine. I saw that the company is trying to meet its employees and wants to create an optimal working environment. Still, it was a job with a typical “work-life balance” concept. It was possible to work from home, but during certain hours and only within the city. Although I recall the experience very well and managed to combine it with my second job as a fitness trainer, there was still something missing. I constantly felt the stress of whether I would be able to get through the city’s traffic quickly and get to my classes on time. The result was that when I returned to my apartment around 8-21 pm, I no longer had the strength or desire to do much. I think the pandemic has made many people realize that offices are not a necessary place. Now few people want to work exclusively in an office, with rigidly set hours. People saw other possibilities.

What made you join Talent Place?

In March/April 2022, I got a call from a recruiter from Talent Place with an offer to work together. Wanting to get to know the company better, I went to the website and social media profiles. Here the theme of “work-life fit” came up every now and then. I felt that this “fit” could fit me. Of course, I explored the topic and learned what the concept is. Talent Place employees can choose the form of employment according to their needs (B2B, employment contract), and can work fully remotely from anywhere in the world, at hours convenient to them. In addition, recruiters have a real say in what project and client they will work with. In addition, this was the first time I encountered “workation” and the company’s proposed housing in Spain. “Extra,” I thought. However, doubts smoldered in me, is this really real? Is it a good idea to changing jobs to do work-life fit? Is it possible to organize your work effectively in such a way while reconciling it with other activities?

How do you use work-life fit? What does it give you?

Working for a client involves certain specific obligations. There are team meetings, calle with managers.You need to adapt and put yourself on them. As a recruiter, I also have scheduled interviews with candidates. Sometimes I participate in job interviews along with the leaders. Here, too, specific hours must be observed. In between, however, there remains a lot of time during the day, where you can simply, without explaining yourself, “pop out” and do some of your personal business. I have more peace of mind because I know that I can do certain tasks in the evening, for example. I usually go to bed quite late, so I have space for administrative or sourcing matters. I decide on the schedule of tasks myself. Gone is the stress of the eternal rush. What matters is the result of the work and not whether you “serve” your eight hours. I appreciate the trust that is in Talnet Place. The icing on the cake is the team of professional, but also extremely open and friendly people. The number of initiatives and innovative ideas I encountered at Talent Place definitely confirmed to me that it was a good decision.

What has changed in your approach to work organization with work-life fit?

When I joined the Talent Place team in June this year, I didn’t expect how much my approach to work and work-life fit approaches would change. When I started my adventure in the corporation 7 years ago, I encountered the typical corporate “machine.” Over the years, I have seen firsthand how the labor market is changing, as well as the needs and expectations of employees. I needed these changes myself.

I’m so happy I ended up at Talent Place. It fits completely into my lifestyle and mode of living, I have new opportunities for development and, above all, the company opens my head to many ideas. I know and sense that this is not the end of change – the labor market is still evolving, people’s needs and preferences are changing. Talent Place continues to survey the satisfaction of its employees, as well as the labor market itself. As a result, he quickly introduces his innovative ideas, turning them into better efficiency. However, there is still much to discover….

Ligia Serwinowska

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