React Native Developer – Earnings and Requirements

Every year, the market of mobile application users grows, and thus more and more companies make decisions related to the creation of their applications. Mobile applications allow for better communication with customers – they support sales, marketing and customer service. Therefore, on the market we can find many tools and frameworks supporting work, including cross-platform tools, i.e. helping to design applications adapted to run on both Android and iOS. One of them is React Native, which in 2020, according to, was in the first place among mobile frameworks used by developers of mobile games and applications.

What Is React Native? The origins

React Native is a framework that debuted on the market in 2015. Earlier, in 2012, the founder of Facebook stated that the current solutions based on HTML5 would not work in the future, as more and more platform users started using smartphones. At that time, there was no solution that could quickly provide an application available for both iOS and Android. Therefore, in 2013, during the hackathon, the outline of React Native was created, which was first used internally, and over time became a popular tool for working on applications in other companies.

Mobile applications are becoming more and more popular

The number of smartphone users is growing every year. In 2021, it is estimated to reach 3.8 billion people. The more people use smartphones and mobile applications, the more applications will be created. An important customer requirement is also that mobile application providers be able to quickly create a new application and efficiently implement it on iOS and Android. Of course, creating an application is not everything, you should introduce new solutions on an ongoing basis and monitor the market in terms of trends. As a result, mobile technologies will continue to enjoy enormous popularity, and specialists in this field will be very often sought after on the market. Importantly, the framework is used not only by Facebook, but also by such giants as Tesla, Samsung, Walmart and Uber.

What do employers pay attention to when recruiting React Native Developer?

Despite the growing competition from solutions such as Flutter, a large number of job offers for React Native Developers indicate that the popularity of the tool is still high. We believe that from year to year there will be more job offers related to the positions of React Native Developers. What employers will pay special attention to during the entire recruitment process:

CV is the basis

CV is the basic application document, it is your business card and a pass to the next stage of the recruitment process. Make sure your CV is clear and contains basic information (such as personal data, education or experience). An important element that you need to remember is adding information about completed projects (if you can make them public) – describe what projects have been implemented by you, what contribution you had to the work of the entire team.

The basics and tools you’ve worked with before

Be sure to include in your CV or prepare before the interview – a list of programming languages, frameworks and other tools that you know and which have been listed in the advertisement in the requirements section. If something is required, the employer will ask about it during the job interview. Be prepared for these questions – remember when you used these tools, how they were used in your work.

The pace of your development

Your professional development is something you need to take care of – in the world of front-end / IT everything changes very quickly. The employer wants to know if you are “part of this world”. Do you pay attention to what are the trends? What has changed recently in the field that interests you the most? How quickly and where you gain knowledge and improve your skills. Of course, most employers offer training budgets, but it is only up to you how you use this budget and time for your development.

Earnings as a React Native Developer

Candidates applying for React Native positions usually have a choice of two forms of contract: an employment contract or a cooperation contract (B2B). Everyone, individually, can decide what is more beneficial at a given moment.

Salary brackets vary by job level and location, although business location will become less and less important with the expansion of remote working opportunities.

React Native Developer salary may vary depending on experience. Candidates with the least experience (experience up to 1.5 years) can count on earnings of PLN 4,000 – 7,000 net on a B2B contract (PLN 4,000 – 6,300 gross for an employment contract). Candidates with more experience (experience between 2-4 years) can count on remuneration between PLN 9,000 and 14,000 net for a B2B contract (PLN 8,000 – 12,000 gross for an employment contract). Candidates with senior experience (4+ years of experience) can count on a remuneration of PLN 15,800-20,000 net on a B2B contract (PLN 13,000-18,000 gross for an employment contract).

For more information, see the Talent Pool – React Native Developer report

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