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A chaos enabler? Friend? A doctor? A hugger? Full speed 24 hours a day? – it’s mom! These and other terms for the female parent appear on the Internet more than once. What about when a professional area needs to be added to the home-parenting tasks? Is it possible to extend the 24-hour day to also focus on mom’s career, which is equally important to her? Read and learn the story of a mom-freelancer!

Full-time mom or career?

At the outset, I would like to point out that the article is not intended to promote a woman’s labor activity during her maternity period. How many of us – great women, so many approaches to this role. Each of us knows what is best for her and her child. In this article, I would like to share the opportunity that Talent Place provides for young moms who would like to return to professional activities based on my experience.

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful yet challenging periods. The role of mom although wonderful, is very often exhausting. In one moment, our entire world, we are able to fit in our arms. The first months together pass, daily life begins to look more organized. Our current little boss seems to be giving us more space by which the thought arises – maybe it’s a good time to return to professional activity?

Along with this thought, there was a desire in me to see if there was an opportunity for project-based action in my recruiting profession. Performing tasks that I will be able to complete when my daughter allows me to do so. I wanted to deal with career development without compromising on parenting. I found the perfect solution. And what’s more – I stayed for longer. Since the end of my maternity leave, I have been working with Talent Place on a permanent basis as a Lead Recruiter and am fulfilled professionally.

Freelance Recruiter at Talent Place – a way to motherhood and a career comeback

Talent Place is a community that allows recruiters to operate on more than just a employment contract, mandatory contract or B2B. It is possible to be tied on a freelance basis, which allows you to work at a time compatible with your daily duties. Ideal for moms who want to act professionally, but are not quite able to declare availability at work at specific times or show up at the office – It’s up to me to decide how much time I can devote to activities.

Freelance Recruiter – benefits

What did the choice of such a solution allow me to do? Above all, to seamlessly balance the role of mom with a career. No stress of daily chasing deadlines. I adapted my activities on the projects to my daughter’s daily routine. Perfect match – I could fulfill my role as a mother and continue to work professionally.

Additional perks that have already emerged from working with Talent Place as a freelance recruiter are the variety of projects and clients I have had the opportunity to recruit for.

Definitely a huge added value of the company is a team of people who know each other well and help each other with a passion for action! I have met many ambitious and experienced people here, with whom I am growing professionally and getting along well in private.

For me, it was very important to develop within the structure, to achieve my own goals and progress in activities. Currently, I have returned to full-time work and stayed at Talent Place as Lead Recruiter.

Work-life fit

Talent Place is a community where the principle of work-life fit resonates strongly, and it is within the tenets of this concept that the role of the freelancer fits.

What does work-life fit mean in practice?

It’s an opportunity to work flexibly, adapted to private life. It’s a respect for responsibilities other than professional ones. It’s a tremendous amount of trust in colleagues and their expertise. And for a young mother, work-life fit means peace of mind, lack of stress and the ability to return to her career without compromising motherhood.

If you feel the need to return to work – be interested in the option of working as a freelance recruiter or working in a work-life fit model.

Monika Filus

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