Work-life fit in the work of a Business Unit Manager – Jowita Drabko

If a corporation is not for you, you prefer to make your own decisions about your work, and you want to try the work-life fit approach, Talent Place is for you! Jowita Drabko, Business Unit Manager at Talent Place, talked about why, valuing all of the above, you should join the Recruiter Community.

What was your career path like before you came to Talent Place?

Before joining Talent Place, I had quite a long work experience, as I have been working in HR since 2002. My career started with a manufacturing and trading company, where I was an assistant to the CEO, then I went through the sales department, I was the coordinator of the sales department, and I was also in charge of recruiting and implementing sales staff in the new points that the company was opening, customer service standards. Then, I found that I needed to expand. In the meantime, I did postgraduate studies in human resources management and started working with another manufacturing and trading company, where I was an HR Specialist and holistically hired employees – from those at the lowest levels, production, to specialists and managers. I have been involved in recruitment, but also in this soft HR: implementations, employer branding, all kinds of developmental issues, training, exit interviews, market research and how the employees are doing. And then my third child came along, and I found that this was a good opportunity to start working remotely, to focus on recruitment, and to combine my professional and private life. So I switched to my business, became a freelance recruiter, and overall I’ve been one ever since. In the meantime, I came across a job ad for Talent Place on Facebook, applied and was offered the job. I accepted it.

What made you decide to join the Talent Place Community?

First of all, it suits me to work remotely. I am a person who likes to work from home. I have a large family and I wanted to have time for my children. In addition to working remotely, I was persuaded by our consistent values, our similar outlook on clients and how we work. The fact that Talent Place is not a corporation, and that we are creating certain solutions together is something that is close to my heart. I don’t find myself in a corporation or a rigid framework, I like to decide for myself my own time, when I work and how I work. And it is these values, this quality, openness, energy, diversity of projects, also sometimes the dynamics of work, and changing environment that I like about Talent Place. Such “shift work”, gives me a lot, because it is a natural training for me, to implement myself in certain things. And these are the things that influenced Talent Place to become close to me and for me to settle here.

What concerns did you have about joining the recruiting community?

For example: will a company like Talent Place exist? Will it manage to stay on the market? Will it win over the competition? After all, the work-life fit promoted here is something out of the ordinary in the labor market. And whether the projects will be really interesting, ones in which I will be able to realize myself, and also whether I will have the chance to not just be a simple recruiter, because over time it can be tiring to be limited to just such a role. Also, whether I find myself in the community, among people sometimes younger than me – in seniority, age, etc. Yes, the fears were there, but I tried to turn them into development.

How long have you been at Talent Place and what was your path in the community like? What has changed since you’ve been working here?

I have been at Talent Place for 2 years now. Initially, I worked as a recruiter, on projects around manufacturing, production and trade, because these are the roles I am closest to. In the meantime, I also did feasibility studies for the Sales Department, and later I was also an HR Business Partner. Now I work as a Business Unit Manager: managing a production team.

What does your workday look like?

My work day is dictated by my time availability and things around the house. I, as a rule, am a lark, so I start work early – around 8:00 or 9:00. Then there are all sorts of calls, tasks to be done, meetings with my team recruiters or other things I need to do to develop the production and sales unit. In the meantime, there is a moment to, for example, pick up the child from daycare or cook dinner and eat together with the family. As a rule, it is the case that I try to have time for myself and my family in the afternoon. Then I devote myself to my loved ones and have time for extra activities, for ice cream, for a walk or to work at least in the garden. That’s why I generally work from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., although if there are times when the girls need support later in the day, that’s when I’m available to them. On the other hand, as a rule, my workday runs from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and I try to stick to that.

What does working at Talent Place give you? What kinds of things do you particularly appreciate?

The fact that I am responsible for my work and that I decide my own time. Also, the freedom of projects – when I was a recruiter, I was able to choose the recruitment projects that interested me. It was cool for me that I didn’t have processes imposed on me. Also, the fact that at Talent Place there are no such rigid goals – of course we know that we need to complete the project, but it’s not like it’s all rigid. Jhe role of Business Unit Manager, I also appreciate having the opportunity to create something from scratch, to organize certain things. We can introduce all sorts of solutions, and sign off on them, say “I suggested it and it works.” Despite the fact that we work remotely, I feel “one of” the organization. I am not a no-name, we know more and more about each other And this is mega important to me. That’s what I value. And also such flexibility: when it comes to cooperation, working hours. These are the things that are important. And the fact that I can work remotely, that is very cool for me.

What value do you see in a community like Talent Place?

Certainly the opportunity to exchange different experiences. That we are different and can learn from ourselves. This is different from the knowledge gained from training courses. The exchange of experiences is very valuable to me. We teach each other from junior positions to managerial positions. But also, for example, being a recruiter, I can learn something from people in other departments. And that’s cool.

To whom would you recommend working at Talent Place?

To individuals who are looking for something extra. They work in another area, for example, but would like to try their hand at recruitment – there is a chance to grow in this field. To someone who likes working remotely and finds himself in it. Also, people who are oriented to interaction – getting to know each other, and collaborating on various projects. Moms on maternity, parental leave. Unemployed people who can’t find a job but have competencies that can fit in nicely here. Freelancers, but also people who are looking for stability – you can work with us in any model. Or even combine one with the other and, for example, work part-time as an RPO recruiter and additionally carry out recruitment projects as a freelancer. The possibilities are many so that everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

Piotr Pawłowski

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