Linkedin Recruiter Lite in practice – learn the secrets of this tool

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite account is a valuable tool in a recruiter’s work. How to use it in the best way to reap the benefits? In this article, you will learn the necessary information to improve your daily work in sourcing employees.

For what purpose and for whom is the Recruiter Lite account intended?

The LinkedIn Recruiter Lite account is dedicated to HR departments, recruiters and companies intensively looking for new employees. It is focused on acquiring candidates. This is facilitated by the advanced search function and tracking of customer activities on this site. Recruiter Lite is one of the premium profiles offered by LinkedIn. It’s an entry-level recruiting tool, but for recruiters it’s really helpful. The mission of the Recruiter Lite profile is clear and simple: to help you find the best candidates. Learn how to use LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and use the possibilities provided by an extended account and facilitate your work.

What activities does LinkedIn Recruiter Lite allow you to do?

    • 30 InMail messages per month,
    • Advanced Search,
    • Candidate suggestions,
    • Integrated Employment,
    • You can check who displayed your profile,
    • Unlimited people search,
    • Automatic customer tracking,
    • Recruitment orientation.

The cost of a Recruiter Lite account is 399,98 PLN every month, or 319,99 PLN per month if paid in advance for the entire year (3 839,88 PLN per year).

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite tips

The guidance thread is best presented by dividing the profile’s capabilities into categories, so let’s now go through each of them in turn.

Bookmark – Projects

Recruiter Lite account allows you to create projects. Projects act as a kind of group where you can place candidates according to a certain criterion, for example, “Project: Search Java Developer” or “Project: Project Manager.”

Bookmark – Pipeline

In the Pipeline tab you will find profiles placed in the project and some additional information:

    • Education,
    • Years of experience,
    • The level of their relationship with you,
    • Location.

You will also find the ability to update the candidate’s stage, which will allow you to track the status of recruitment campaigns. Below are the types of status:

    • Contact has been made,
    • Not contacted,
    • Received a response,
    • Talent pool.

In Recruit, you can also use the search function and then add recommendations and post a job listing to attract candidates.

Bookmark – Search

This tab will help you find the best candidates, matching your needs and requirements. Enter the position or use Boolean operators here:

    • Location (geographic location of candidates),
    • Location of work (based on preference: “on-site”, “remote work”, “hybrid”),
    • Skills and assessments (via keywords),
    • Companies,
    • Educational institutions,
    • Graduation year,
    • Candidate industries,
    • Profile keywords.

You can also use the so-called advanced filters.


With this part, you can get the maximum 25 applications per day that will be based on your recommendations.

Post a job

Here you can post and promote job offers.

Project preferences

It allows you to view all project settings that have an editable option (e.g. name, project description, job title, location and hierarchy level).
You can also set workflow preferences and project members (however, this option is only available for the Recruiter).

“Jobs” in Recruiter Lite

It is used to view and post job opportunities. You can search for jobs here and post them using the same “Post job” tab.

Recruiter Lite statistics

In this tab with statistics, there is a dashboard that will allow you to track all the information related to InMail:

    • Response rate (percentage of messages that were sent during the selected period and accepted or rejected within 30 days),
    • The number of messages sent (which includes all messages sent in the selected period: InMails, 1st degree relationships or open profile),
    • Number of accepted messages (were sent during the selected period and accepted within 30 days of sending, including acceptance through email notifications),
    • The number of rejected messages (were sent during the selected time period and then rejected within 30 days of sending),
    • No response (sent within the selected period, which were neither accepted nor rejected within 30 days).

The important thing is that you can always change the time period that is taken into account.
Recruiter Lite also has a “Save Report” and “Export Report (to CSV file)” function, which can be quite an advantage for creating statements.

Recriter Lite vs free version…

A premium account entails more opportunities to use LinkedIn than a free account. Among other things, in terms of gaining contacts, finding interesting job opportunities, and growing your business online. The Premium Account will be used the most by recruiters, managers or directors who require access to a wide range of contact networks and opportunities offered by LinkedIn. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is a version for beginners and intermediates in the recruitment field. There is a much more efficient version that will be more suitable for large organizations with more recruitment needs.
I hope my tips will help you in your daily work. Good luck!

Natalia Szubert

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