IT recruitment vs. technical expertise – how to be a partner in interviewing candidates?

The role of a recruiter is more than recruiting. A recruiter connects candidates and clients with each other. A good IT headhunter should have a basic knowledge of the industry in which he or she works. What qualities should a recruiter possess? Where do you get the specialized knowledge to know how to talk about technologies with candidates? Find out!

The role of a recruiter

Recruiters are responsible not only for carrying out recruitment processes. They also act as negotiators and mediators. Dividing their duties, we can divide them into three areas: candidate, business and team (process) management.


An IT headhunter should know the basic principles of sourcing and other methods of reaching passive candidates. Due to the fact that we now have a candidate market, recruiters must be creative, flexible, good at organizing their time, and should create and discover new solutions. An IT headhunter should develop their social skills to properly investigate the motivation to change jobs. Look for information about what’s going on with the candidate, whether he or she is looking for new challenges, etc.. It will streamline his or her progress through the entire end-to-end recruitment process.


The recruiter represents the client, the company for which IT candidates are being sought. Thus, he is the face of the recruitment process. The requirements of the position and also the characteristics of the employee being sought should be collected as accurately and qualitatively as possible. The recruiter must provide the client with all the necessary information about the candidates. This will make it possible to find the desired one and ultimately close the recruitment successfully.

Managing the process

In addition to finding candidates and contacting clients, it is important to plan the activities properly. It is necessary to manage them in such a way as to keep them on track for success.

What qualities should a recruiter have and what knowledge is necessary?

A good IT headhunter should have qualities such as communication skills, creativity, openness to others, patience, confidence in his skills, analytical thinking, openness to finding new sources of candidates and sales savvy.

The job offer is also subject to sales, only in this case the consumers are IT candidates. Mention the benefits that the company offers, such as an apartment abroad for vacation or workation (such as an apartment in Alicante for Talent Place employees), the ability to choose the contract or agreement that best suits your needs, the ability to choose the work model (stationary, hybrid, remote).


An IT recruiter should:

know the basic methodologies used in project management – have knowledge of what they consist of and also where they are used,

distinguish front-end languages from back-end languages – what programming languages belong to them, what they are responsible for, what they affect,

know what tests exist (manual, automatic), become familiar with the basic concepts in their area,

have a basic knowledge of databases, as well as their types – know what databases are used in a given environment, and what they are used for in everyday life.

Have a general knowledge of the cloud area – concepts, usage, etc.

Know the difference between a framework and a library

How to prepare for the interview with an IT candidate?

IT recruitment can seem like a challenge because it requires acquiring specialized knowledge. However, you can get it from many sources, and it’s actually not that difficult. Start with friends in the IT industry or more experienced IT headhunters. Think about signing up for newsletters, and attending webinars or conferences. Courses on e-learning platforms will also be good to start with. Read blogs, and follow people in the industry on social media, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Try to follow trends and deepen your knowledge of popular topics.

It is imperative to keep in mind that…

IT recruitment and related new technologies are rapidly updating and changing. Before you start a project, read the job description, and check what the technology is characterized by and where it is used. If you don’t know the answer – ask! Every opportunity is good to develop your competencies and deepen your knowledge.

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