Is there a place for HR on Tik Tok? [Interview with Anna Kusa]

More and more new technologies and new tools are entering the HR industry… including for communication. In our Talent Story podcast, we spoke with Anna Kusa (CEO of Rekruterka Radzi) about whether and how HR professionals can find their way on the TikTok platform. Are the videos posted by Recruiters gaining attention? How to communicate with Generation Z? Are short videos recorded as part of the recruitment and added to resumes the future in recruiting for certain positions? Keep reading to learn more about the place of HR recruiters on TikTok!

Do HR topics on TikTok make sense?

In building your personal brand, use the various platforms available. The best solution will be to combine operations on two or three – this will allow you to reach new audiences. However… How to start recording on Tik Tok as an HR recruiter, having no previous experience with this form of media?

Anna Kusa, CEO of Recruiter Advises, recommends acting spontaneously. Just install the app, see how it works, and record your first video.

The most beautiful things are born in spontaneous moments, before we allow the brain to think, which will begin to sabotage our actions – Anna Kusa, Recruiter Advises

How do TikTok audiences respond to recruitment-related content?

Audiences on TikTok vary; as a rule, educational content has a smaller reach than trends. There are also some haters, people who, for example, did not get a job. There are definitely more of them than on other platforms, but this may be related to reaching different audiences due to TikTok’s algorithm. However, TikTok is not just about hecklers. According to Anna Kusa, there are also a lot of nice messages, and stories about how the recruiter’s advice on TikTok allowed recipients to get jobs.

If you want to launch similar TikTok recruiting activities…

Are you thinking of starting your recruiting and HR activities on Tik Tok? Just try, test, and act spontaneously. It’s a platform designed to have fun and learn, but also to find customers.

Generation Z’s approach to work

Generation Z, in the opinions of millennialist recruiters, often looks direct, with exorbitant expectations or even disrespect for the workplace, for example. However, one should not lump everyone together. There are quite a few people who are very committed, interesting, and show their best. Learn more about gen Z in the workplace from another article.

In fact, two groups prevail here: Those with full slack, exorbitant expectations, and those with clear and defined expectations, committed, wanting specifics, clarity and at the same time giving a lot. This generation will challenge the employer to understand the world of these people. However, we should not lump them together. I work with people of different age ranges, people who are 18-19 years old are really committed to finding work, they are verbal and conscientious. I would like to get something like this from more than one person 40+. Also, we might as well turn around the opinions about Zki and read the comments on Facebook written by people in their 40s or 50s. – Anna Kusa, Recruiter Advises

On TikTok, we can see funny, hilarious content about jobs created by the Zetas – a sign of disrespect for some. The question arises, what happens if an employer comes across such a video?

Does TikTok for recruitment attract candidates? Video as a means of presentation

The platform is currently testing a tool designed for recruitment. This is the ability to record a short video and send it instead of a resume. The concept of sending a presentation in the form of a recording some time ago has already taken hold in our job market, but still, rather expect a resume in addition. Although it depends on the industry. The question may arise here, will video presentation supplant the classic resume? This is a highly creative approach to recruiting that allows you to show a different side, but not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. In the marketing or event industries, such an addition has a lot of potentials as they require creativity. However, technical or managerial, executive positions need other competencies. Some people seeing such a requirement in an ad could feel discouraged from applying.

TikTok is an interesting tool to build recognition and create educational materials. However, at this point, can we conclude that it is a recruitment tool? Not yet, but it is changing, with some creative industries slowly converting to video forms as an addition to resumes. Ideas and creativity do not come first everywhere, although these are really great qualities, a programmer or accountant, for example, is more in need of practical knowledge and technical skills.

Patrycja Cieślik

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