IT Recruitment Agency – how to choose the best one?

In today’s dynamic world of technology, the IT industry is developing at a dizzying pace, and the demand for qualified specialists is constantly growing. The Polish IT industry employs over 450,000 specialists and about 50,000 companies from the IT industry, generating 8% of GDP. Companies are looking for the right candidates to help them succeed and develop their technological edge. However, finding the right IT professionals can be a challenge, which is why many companies decide to use the services of recruitment agencies specializing in the IT area.

What to look for when choosing an IT recruitment agency?

IT recruitment agencies are specialized in finding, selecting and recommending the best candidates for clients looking for specialists in the industry. They shorten the time and effort that employers would have to put into conducting the recruitment process on their own. However, in order to choose the best IT recruitment agency, it is worth considering several key issues.

Experience and specialization

It is important that the IT recruitment agency has relevant experience in the industry. Check how many years it has been operating on the market and whether it specializes in recruitment for the IT industry. It’s good if the agency has qualified consultants who understand the technical requirements of the position you’re working with.

Reputation and references

Read opinions about the IT recruitment agency and ask for references from its existing clients. Ask friends or colleagues in the industry about their experiences with the agency. A reliable platform for choosing a business service provider based on customer reviews is the Clutch or GoodFirms platform.

Range of services

Make sure that the agency offers a wide range of recruitment services, such as identification and pre-selection of candidates, interviewing, verification of references, as well as support during negotiations with candidates. An important element that should occur at the very beginning of the process is the agency’s feasibility study, i.e

assessing the possibility of project implementation in cooperation with the client on a given project and identifying potential difficulties and possible solutions, which is an inseparable element when working with our clients.

Understanding your needs

A good IT recruitment agency should thoroughly understand your requirements and expectations for a new employee. Must be able to match the right skills and experience of candidates to your team. Many years of experience and direct contact with clients and candidates mean that knowledge about the IT market is constantly updated or monitored by the agency. Some of the IT recruitment agencies in Poland publish reports on the IT labor market. Access to our talent pool reports and the most frequently offered conditions allows you to make recruitment decisions based on reliable data.

Contact network

Check if the agency has a wide network of contacts among IT professionals. This helps to reach potential candidates who may not be actively looking for a job, which is why our global community of over 200 recruiters has access to an extensive database of candidates, which allows us to provide a set of recommendations even in 7 days.

Cooperation models

A good recruitment partner should act in a transparent, honest and ethical manner. Ask about the agency’s policy on fees and expectations for clients and applicants. Talent Place does not operate in the 100% success fee model, and we offer our clients exclusive candidates. We believe that cooperation should be based on a fair price and a balance between cost and value provided. Have a simple and transparent model, no tricks. Run smoothly and without any problems for the client, because time is an important asset. Be flexible and individual, because every company is different. You can read about the issue of why the 100% success fee model generates additional costs on the client’s side in the blog article.


Get an idea of the agency’s success metrics, such as tenure, job success rate, and feedback from clients and candidates. The fact that we do not operate in the 100% success fee model affects our success rate, which is higher than in the case of traditional recruitment agencies. We are able to provide a set of recommendations within 7 days, and on average it takes us 3 weeks to complete a project.


The IT industry is dynamic, so it is worth paying attention to whether the recruitment agency is flexible and innovative in its approach to searching for candidates and solving recruitment problems, which is why Talent Place as a recruitment agency operating through crowdstaffing and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), uses modern recruitment methods and proprietary apps Talent Pooling App with access to the database of active candidates.

Which IT recruitment agency to choose?

To sum up, choosing the right IT recruitment agency can bring significant benefits in the process of searching for the best specialists for your company. However, you should carefully research the potential partner, checking their experience, reputation, scope of services, network of contacts and effectiveness. Case studies and recommendations that are most often available on the website are also proof of credibility. At the time of initial selection of several agencies for cooperation based on the above-mentioned elements, the best form of verification is to send a message or arrange a free consultation. By asking questions directly, we can get the most information that will help you make the best decision.

IT Contracting

IT Contracting service gives you the opportunity to start a project quickly. The flexibility of the solution allows you to select the competencies you need at different stages of the project without need to permanently hire some extra teams. A database of contacts and a referral program ensure that the project starts on time, even for the most demanding jobs.

When to use IT Contracting?

  • If the company needs flexible cooperation with IT specialists and the organization depends on immediate solutions. The outsourcing model provides matched experts with the required technical competence without the need for a permanent employee.
  • IT Contracting will be perfect for projects that are divided into phases, requiring specialists with different competencies who can be added during the lifetime of the project.
  • Experts are selected according to the client’s expectations and the required technology. If new technological challenges arise during the project, additional contractors can be swapped or hired as needed.

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