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RPO service for a US-based technology company from TFL industry

About company

Global brands such as Amazon, Walgreens, Bosch, ExxonMobil, and Uber Freight are among the 300 companies that trust project44 and to whom the company provides vital shipment information to increase agility, automate inefficient manual processes and ultimately increase supply chain resiliency.

Industry: TFL
Number of employees: 350
Challenge: Temporary support in recruitment projects

How RPO service became a way to fill temporary staffing gaps

project44 received funding for the development of the company and thus decided to expand its teams in Poland and the Netherlands. For this purpose, new employees were recruited to the Talent Aquisition team.

We were in the process of expanding our internal team but due to the notice periods of new hires in Poland we needed temporary support. Talent Place provided us with two full time IT recruiters for a period of three months, so we did not have to delay any of the ongoing recruitment processes – says Amanda Egan, Talent Acquisition Manager at project44.

During the collaboration:

  • IT Recruiter made 8 IT hires between March 2021 and August 2021: 2 for the position of Senior Software Developer, 1 Frontend Engineering Consultant, 1 Frontend Software Engineer, 1 DevOps Engineer, 1 Software Engineer, 1 Software Developer in Test and 1 Associate Python Developer.
  • When the team expanded to include a recruiter specializing in language roles 3 hires were made with languages in just the first month.

Good results are the outcome of partnership and close cooperation. Recruiters were given access to internal tools and databases, therefore their actions could be adjusted to the company’s needs from the very beginning.

Currently project44 has a team of 4 recruiters including three specialized in IT and one specialized in language recruitment. Each of them was introduced to the organization’s operations, values and culture. In total, we have already employed 61 specialists.

Substitution for the absence of the recruiter

As part of the service project44 was able to select individuals from the community who met the company’s expectations. Replacement was also guaranteed in the event of the absence of any of the recruiters. Recruiters contracted with Talent Place worked under the client’s supervision and brand.

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