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Talkin' Things

How did innovative recruiting help hire specialized engineers?

About company

Talkin’ Things is a global manufacturer of RFID tags. It develops and delivers end-to-end solutions in the IoT area, mainly for apparel, pharmaceuticals, Industry 4.0 and logistics. These are solutions for smart packaging and products that, using tag, sensor, receiver and software systems, allow physical objects to communicate with the Internet using NFC/RFID technology.
Sector: Manufacturing
Number of employees: +50
Challenge: Hiring five experienced machine operators in a short period of time

How to hire specialists needed right away

Talkin Things was looking for a partner that provides innovative ways to source candidates that would meet their specialized recruitment requirements. They approached Talent Place with a need to hire 5 experienced experts as machine operators as part of the company’s growth and implementation of a key project.

The company, after receiving a detailed market study in which we analyzed the pool of candidates available in the selected region, choose to work with Talent Place on open recruitments. A dedicated Business Unit Manager along with 4 recruiters immediately started the project.

First recommendations within 10 days

Talent Place, through a networked community of recruiters and access to an active database of candidates, reached out directly to people who were a match for the positions sought. The first candidate recommendations was delivered to the client in just 10 days from the start of the project, which resulted in hiring the first specialists.

From project to permanent cooperation

Providing vetted candidates who met all of the client’s requirements made it possible to hire all the employees needed. The speed of response, the short time to prepare recommendations and the efficiency of matching candidates were the factors that the client appreciated most.

Successful recruitment has resulted in an ongoing partnership with Talkin’ Things in an RPO model, so that one of our recruiters can provide ongoing support for the recruitment processes at such a rapidly scaling company.

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