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Recruitment in the RPO model for Europe's leading manufacturer of public transport vehicles.

About company

One of Europe’s leaders in bus and trolleybus production. With 25 years of experience and more than 20,000 vehicles produced, the company is making a daily impact on the quality of public transportation in hundreds of cities across Europe. The company is setting new standards, dynamically developing its products, especially in the area of electromobility. The company’s vehicles have been repeatedly awarded for quality and innovation both in Poland and in other European Union countries.

Sector: Manufacturing
Number of employees: +2400 people
Challenge: Recruitment support for more than 70 open positions

RPO service as a response to diverse recruitment needs

The rapid growth of Solaris has influenced the need for support in recruiting engineers, IT specialists and administration specialists . They decided to work in an RPO model so that an experienced recruiter could join their in-house HR team and support them in their ongoing recruitments.

– To keep up with the pace of our company’s growth, we needed to hire additional people for various positions with specific skills. We cared first and foremost about timing, but also about matching candidates to our needs. We were supported by a full-time recruiter from Talent Place, and the entire process was controlled by a dedicated Business Unit Manager, so the recruitment process went according to plan” said Anna Nowak – Pilarska, Organizational Excellence Manager at Solaris.

Combination of crowdstaffing and talent pooling guaranteed employment

The RPO recruiter from December 2021 to August 2022 completed hiring for 10 different positions, including quality controller, bookkeeper, helpdesk specialist, constructors, locksmith, welder, supply controller, supply specialist, logistics processes specialist, , a sales specialist, technical training, back-end developer. In total, thanks to our cooperation, we have already recruited 24 specialists.

When the in-house team was expanded to include an area-specific recruiter, hires were made for key roles within the first month. Access to an active candidate database ensures the recruiter’s speed, so recommendations of candidates for specific positions were delivered within days.

The efficiency of the entire process is based on cooperation. The RPO recruiter became part of the team, learning the company’s culture and internal tools. During the course of the collaboration, some positions evolved, staffing needs changed, or various challenges emerged. By working closely with the internal team, the recruiter was able to respond in real time to ongoing changes to fully address Solaris’ recruitment needs.

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