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Buyer - in 2 weeks, 3 recommendations, including an ideal candidate

About company

Mbrands is a rapidly growing company operating in the electronic accessories and gadgets industry. They distribute GSM accessories, produce their own brands and provide branding services. MBrands products are available in many stores around the world. Mbrands is a manufacturer and importer, has 3 own brands and over 4,000 products on offer.

Industry: E-commerce
Challange: Hiring a specialist as a buyer who will partially take over the responsibilities of the company owner

From a group of three candidates presented within two weeks, we selected the person who took the position

Recognizing the effectiveness and competences of Talent Place in recruiting for positions with a similar profile, Mbrands decided to cooperate with our recruitment agency. After conducting a detailed project briefing, during which we discussed all the client’s needs and requirements, our recruiters started working. The entire process was transparent to the client’s HR team, who received regular updates from us at every stage.

– “The candidate recommended by Talent Place was a perfect fit for the role in the company, which resulted in successful employment. We received up-to-date information at every stage of the project. The Talent Place team is flexible and takes actions appropriate to a given situation, using unconventional solutions. It is an effective recruitment partner with whom we will be happy to undertake further projects.”

– Maciej Krywult, CEO in Mbrands

Effects of cooperation

Ultimately, from a list of three candidates sent within two weeks, Mbrands selected a candidate for the position of buyer, who was also partly to take over the duties of the company owner, which was an additional challenge for the client during recruitment.

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